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Alizia AbidiMom of a 4 yr 5 m old boy2 months ago
My mom is my super naari for my son as well no one can take her place for a while
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Naina KhanGuardian of a 6 m old girl2 months ago
sebamed is best for child skin
KritikaGuardian of a 1 yr 1 m old boy3 months ago
I am kritika, 27 years old mom of a 11 months old baby boy, my husband left my side when i was 6 months pregnant, from then and until now i am working a full time job along with this cute little baby of mine, anyone else out there in the same boat, you have got all my love lady, you are stronger and better than anybody else could ever be❤️ Feel proud of yourself and keep shining❤️
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VinitaMom of a 1 yr 11 m old boy2 months ago
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I never believed in super power what women posses post having baby. I never wanted to be the one due to less confidence of,will I be able to give the child best of me. Now I am a mother of 21 month old. Working from home full time managing work,finances,home, and personal physical and mental being with little discipline and carrying lot of love ❤️ in my heart. I had hiccups in my relationship post I gave birth it’s been 20 month managing my child alone running house hold from buying groceries to baby proofing the house ..and following gentle parenting mindfully. I broke down many times in last few months but my Jahaan kept me going overcome postpartum depression. Gathered myself started new routine and taking care of my self. Took my kiddo to 4 different state to explore the world 🌎. But blessed with what I have 😇 I followed for parenting and milestone through out my pregnancy and postpartum. I have got
Here some memories we had together
Mandvi SinghGuardian of a 2 yr 3 m old girl2 months ago
Motherhood is a choice you make everyday, to put someone else's happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you're not sure what the right thing is...and to forgive yourself, over and over again, for doing everything wrong. Thanks 😊
nisha kaurGuardian of 2 children2 months ago
The beautiful part of Mother hood is the happiness round your child's own world and nothing is more important than that
Rupa RanjanMom of a 9 m old girl2 months ago
what is d result of super naari contest
Pratyasha JoshiMom of a 4 yr 3 m old girl2 months ago
Being a mom, wife, home maker makes me a super naari
HEERAFather of a 2 yr 7 m old girl2 months ago
happy women's day
Nasheeta SharmeenMom of 2 children2 months ago
my ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time under stressful conditions makes me super naari.Like cooking food for the baby, cleaning his potty and handling stressful environment at job.My story begins in 2019 when I got pregnant for the first time i was supper happy untill when doctor busted the news that my baby has bilateral hydronephrosis which needs surgical procedure and has to be done soon after birth.But then i have gained courage for the sake of my baby and had normal delivery.Today my son is 3 years handles him alone as my husband will be busy because of his job.He is still under doctors observation with improved condition of hydrogenphrosis.I still panic when he gets fever and uti infection because of his hydronephrosis issue,but i still get courage seeing my babies face and can handle him in the best way i can.Yes i am super naari because I have gone through many odd situations because of my babies health and still survived everything.Every women is a super naari in her own way because afterall mothers have super powers given by God to handle all the odds.
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