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Wahida Begum2 months ago
I can say we're stereotyping our kids.. even we have been stereotyped by our elders at a very young age Colours, particular range of things doesn't defines a gender. It's depend on a persons psychology what they like and what they don't either be it types of toys or colors or types of games children's play..we must normalise pink or blue colors for childrens and racing cars,monster trucks etc,and dolls and barbies among the kids.. it's totally fine for a boy or a girl to like pink or blue respectively or dolls n barbies or racing cars etc, among them. and about emotions let's just teach our boys to feel free to express their emotions not saying "don't cry like a girl, you're a boy or boys don't cry" why boys don't cry don't have emotions or feelings.. they've gotta heart too.. we must normalise this things
AMIT MITTALFather of a 2 yr 1 m old girl5 months ago
colors never identify the gender differentiation in our society. we have to teach our children the equality of humanity and responsibilities and duties in our society. if we compare between boys and girls, that boy is stronger than girl Kiran Bedi (IPS) is a such live example in our society, as like kichen is made for girls chef Ranbir chef Kunal kapoor, Chef Sanjiv kapoor is the example against this myth. so we should teach our child to being a human first.
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Lavanya PrasadMom of 2 children7 months ago
INDIA a place where stereotype starts from the very beginning of our lives. stereotyping kids is a very common thing which needs to be's high time we are doing this n now it needs to be stopped.....let the child decide what he or she needs for themselves....a boy can wear a pink t shirt and a girl can also like cars and bikes....we as a parent needs to stop stereotyping them and giving them a wrong perspective of life....let them enjoy their childhood
Meena7 months ago
totally different
Priya MishraMom of 2 children10 months ago
not at all
priti BarnwalMom of 2 children1 Year ago
hi every girl is not weak some are tough too, and the colour has no gender, some girls like other colours example blue, orange, red, green, yellow and some girls like other things example doctor set, engineer set, computer, etc.
Farhana KhatunMom of 2 children1 Year ago
upar wale n koi color m nhi divid kiya h bas kuch nadan logo n color base p jender bna diya color ka koi Jender nhi hota h
daniya riyazMom of a 1 yr 10 m old boy1 Year ago
Men are told in the houses that they are not suppose to do household is meant for girls only. What a tradition!!!
PoojasharathMom of 4 children1 Year ago
PriyankagowdaGuardian of a 2 yr 5 m old boy1 Year ago
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