Mommying Ain't EasyDaily Challenges of being a Mom
Samina KhanamMom of 2 children11 months ago
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touchwood my prince Ali.. he is not disturb me at night..
Alhamdulillah...u r on the safe side🙂🙂
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PriyaMom of a 2 yr 8 m old girl2 years ago
It's actually a challenging phase of motherhood.. I used to be a sleep lover and I can sleep at any time of the day.. but motherhood has changed me so completely that the first three months of life with my baby gal was so exhausting.. there was a lot difference between what we expect a baby to be and the actual baby... slowly I made my mind that this phase of my life is for my little one and she needs me for everything.. also i used to chat with my friends who are new mommies so that their experience makes me feel that I'm not the only one.. slowly when days passed and once when the baby crosses the 3 month milestone I could feel the changes.she used to wake up at 11 in the night and will be awake throughout but after the 3 months she started to adopt a regular sleep pattern.. and now she could sleep throughout the nights waking up in between for feeding.. The best way to handle sleep deprivation is to have a person say it ur husband or mom to take care ur baby when u want to sleep.. and also u should start sleep while ur baby sleeps which is in deed a great task 😜😜
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KaverynairMom of 2 children1 month ago
first thing to do is set up a sleep pattern for your baby
Community User11 months ago
i can understand sleep deprivation can be frustrating..but trust me it shall too pass with time..just go through it with love and loads of patience..your baby will soon learn to sleep like u and with you :) just trust everything will unfold beautifully..and make u only more stronger!💞
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RuchiGuardian of 2 children1 month ago
first try to sleep with ur baby.. n make baby sleep at particular time continuously.. use diaper at night... yes this time is tough bt new mom's feeling is really speechless.. when we see her baby's smile 😊
Nasneen AmeenMom of a 4 m old boy1 month ago
sleep when ur baby sleep...
Manali pandit KulkarniMom of a 9 m old boy3 months ago
The first thing is positive attitude and be mentally prepared for sleepless nights.... yes I keep dozing at times.. one thing I tried was to take a nap what the baby takes a nap even may be for 15 -20 mins .... it really helps... to overcome the tiredness.
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Bharti SharmaMom of 2 children2 months ago
when baby sleep mom should be sleep
SAMTA GANDHIGuardian of a 9 yr 10 m old girl5 months ago
mood swing
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Yasmin hawaMom of a 5 yr 3 m old girl2 months ago
sleep when a baby sleeping
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