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Payal VermaMom of a 4 m old boy5 hours ago
avoid crowd avoid street food avoid travel
SunidhiMom of a Newborn22 hours ago
I was alone during my pregnancy as my husband got stuck abroad due to pandemic. I had to manage my hospital visits alone in his absence so sanitisation is the first thing I adopted. I used to fully cover myself with mask & stuff before leaving home, avoided crowd in the hospital by making visits on the week days, maintaining limited interaction with people out there in the hospital, taken full shower as soon as I’m back home before touching anything & stayed home most of the times until it’s really needed to go out! I’m a proud mother of 7 days old baby girl today!! Take care To Be Moms!!
Jatin KapoorGuardian of a Newborn2 weeks ago
I was 7 months pregnant and suffered with corona it was really difficult time for me as my husband was also icu . I was not able to have meal and was under so much stress. I cried a lot fr my husband but good thing was that my pregnancy helped my husband to recover and strength and baby also fought . Few days more he or she will be with us soon
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Asad AnsariGuardian of a 3 yr 5 m old girl4 days ago
maine bhut se contest me participate kiya h lekin aaj tk koi bhi gift voucher nhi mila h
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AnnuMom of 2 children3 days ago
don't panic ..self whiling
Community User3 days ago
Avoid street food and eat healthy home made food
Palak aryaMom of a Newborn girl6 days ago
I just stay at home and eat healthy food..and avoid crowd
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Ramandeep KaurGuardian of a 2 m old boy1 week ago
I used full sleeve clothes, socks n shoes, mask, gloves, sanitizer. for every single visit to hospital during corona. Took shower head to toe immediately after coming home.. and sanitised every single thing i carried on visit. Removed shoes outside in sunlight n kept there for several hours. Stay safe to be moms.
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Sugi GopalsamyMom of 2 children2 weeks ago
eating nutritional food like vit c nd zinc rich foods mouth washes steam inhalation saltwater gargles
Ramandeep KaurGuardian of a 2 m old boy1 week ago
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congratulations and have a safe delivery
My husband stayed home all the days n nights he restricted his work n social visits. from april to july.. till my delivery. take precautions n stay safe
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