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Srinivasa Rao reddiFather of a 1 yr 2 m old boy7 months ago
our baby is like a plant. We should grow our babies like a plant. caring as water pouring and protect them with values like a fencing.
Community User8 months ago
Community User2 years ago
Arohi maahi my nice baby i love you
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Mohamed Rahamathulla AFather of 5 children2 years ago
cover d baby wit cap, gloves, socks, . feed baby wit high protein. give boiled water, keep ready wit Syp. para, Vick's,
shvetaMom of a 3 yr 10 m old boy2 years ago
Monsoon brings cold and cough so i always keep ready home made massage oil which is very effective....mustard oil( if possible home made otherwise any) add some garlice clove and ajawaiine and heat it until it gets burn and keep it in a bottel use this oil for massage ur baby specially over chest and feet..its tried n tested..
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Swati R KumarMom of 2 children2 years ago
I keep clean and hygiene my baby. Avoid out side food Wash hand before and after the food Use flax seed in this season its good for immunity. Avoid cold thing to my baby like her fav ice cream. #babycare♥️#monsoon
Nikhar BnsalMom of 3 children3 years ago
monsoons bring lots of joy and rain baths and also cold , flu and cough, so its important to keep your kids safe and avoid getting drenched. keep a handy monsoon Aid kit ready . You can also keep your house clean and mosquitos free , even during monsoons temperature changes so keep house at normal temperarure. its better if your kid view rains outside from window and not getting wet .
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ParkritiMom of 2 children3 years ago
Experience them rain drops. Take them bath in rain. If weather instantly change full dress will wore them. Not chilled things give to babies
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