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khushbooMom of a 7 yr 10 m old boy1 day ago
coustoms are sometimes good to follow
Community User1 day ago
Have anyone wonder how the husband handle this situation ? Whose side he should take .
Neha KhatwaniMom of a 2 yr 10 m old girl1 day ago
Living with in laws by custom or for taking care both are much heard of but what about girl's parents, after a certain age all parents need support even the girl's parents don't grow any younger. I prefer living nearby though not together, but taking care is what matters be it boy's or girl's in laws.
Subha BaskeyGuardian of 3 children3 days ago
if it is for custom, I don't support. people should be willing to stay together. every individual is different but the willingness to accept including their flaws is the key to this set up. staying with parents is great if they understand that they do not have the right to boss and vice versa. if this is even, this setting can be incomparable!
Neha TabassumExpecting Mom due in 4 months4 days ago
living with in- laws after marriage is a custom but living with a joint family with laws is a great happiness we ever have.....😀😀
nehaMom of 4 children4 days ago
I think best is to stay nearby but have your own space so that one can have their personal life.
Danish AliFather of a 3 yr 5 m old girl4 days ago
i prefer nuclear family after many many you have your own life and decisions to live
shifaMom of 3 children4 days ago
I preferred to be in joint family... but from child hood I have a small family.
Community User2 weeks ago
It’s really true and sad too. No matter how much efforts one make to please their in laws they still are going to judge. You have to live by their rules. It’s modern day slavery I’d say.
Shafaq kashmiriMom of 3 children2 weeks ago
After 10pm one gets privicy but then u have a baby to put to sleep and a warning to wake up at 6...Ah heart... A married young women is the strongest of creatures...l . its sad. being married in a village of Kashmir to an officer of a patriarchal parents is suicidal everyday. in actual Muslim families it's medatory to give Ur son a seperate house after marriage.
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