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Deepika TanwarTrying To Conceive2 days ago
A healthy teeths are the symbol of healthy smile. Milk teeths are the base for adult teeth sor every one shoul take care of milk teeth as they take care of adult teeth. for healthy teeth use finger soft bristles baby brush with a pea size colage paste. Healthy teeth means confident smile. Thank you.
Jasprit KaurMom of a 2 m old girl3 days ago
Milk teeth are also known as Primary teeth...and begin to come in about six months after the baby birth...There are 20 primary teeth...10 upper and 10 lower...Milk teeth helps the child in speaking... chewing... grinding the food...also helps in smile...😊
Sushma TamangMom of 3 children4 days ago
milk teeth are those teeth which comes in infant from 6 months onwards.It plays vital role in achieving milestone as at the 6 months onwards weaning started and this teete helps the infant in chewing foods.Besides ,these teeth are temporary teeth and replaced by permanent teeth later on.
humaMom of 4 children4 days ago
Milk teeth are first set of teeth for the babies. They are to be cared for.. early teething signs come around the age of 4 months.. babies need to be cared a lot at this stage.. they have the urge to take anything and everything in their mouth to satiate themselves. Utmost care should be taken to keep babies toys and surrounding clean..cleaniness helps them to not go through episodes lose motion and vomit.
ANKIT SOORAGuardian of a 9 m old boy4 days ago
milk teeth 😁
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Sainaba Musthafa5 days ago
Community User6 days ago
Mostely milk teeth in my baby grow 9 months in age
Shital DangarMom of a 3 yr old boy6 days ago
Most children have a full set of 20 milk or baby teeth by the time they're 3 years old. When hi's about age 2, start teaching your baby to spit while brushing.
VIKASH KUMAR RANJANGuardian of a 3 m old boy6 days ago
All 20 of a baby’s primary teeth are already in their jaw at birth. Baby teeth hide under the gums.
Amith PaisFather of a 4 m old boy6 days ago
Most children will have 20 milky teeths.
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