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Dr.Rasika ThosarMom of 2 children1 day ago
i wash hands thoroughly, maintain a clean area or diaper table especially for changing diapers. i keep everything , mom's co wipes , disposable bag, diaper ready before keep the baby down. diaper should be changed every 2 to 3 hours or when its visibly soiled. also I try to give some diaper free time to the baby every day. moms co wipes are so gentle on babys skin that it is as good as using pure water for cleaning. also those are enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E. , hence more useful in cases of sensitive skin. baby care is definitely easy with moms co brand by our side :)
Dinkal RanpariyaMom of a 2 m old boy2 days ago
we are using regular diaper n reusable diaper for my baby.we are checking diaper frequantly.Using rash cream everytime for my baby.washing all clothes with baby cloth washing liquid.Using wipes to clean.
Momof2Mom of 2 children3 days ago
We use normal diapers. So I make sure to frequently change my baby's diaper frequently to avoid discomfort. Also after every dirtying of diaper, I prefer to wash her bottom with warm water and sometimes a mild soap instead of relying on wipes only. In case of diaper rash, usually during stomach upsets, I use a diaper rash cream and Vaseline alternatively to heal the rash. It's very important to let the bottom get some air.... so ocassionally we leave her without a diaper in just pants even though she's not potty trained.
Arezu AjaniMom of 5 children4 days ago
by rash cream
Bharat Kumar DabbiruFather of a Newborn girl2 weeks ago
i am very new to my parenthood. hospital staff took Himalaya brand with lotion, soap,powder, wipes etc. But I use wipes with the same brand, later stages i will take doctors recommended products.
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pranali hazareMom of a 11 m old girl2 weeks ago
by cleaning bottom part and keeping proper Higine plus by taking full care to protect from any infection
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AnilFather of a 1 yr 9 m old boy2 weeks ago
Hold baby down firmly with one hand and wash the bottom in a basin of lukewarm water (38-40℃). Dry the bottom thoroughly with a bath towel. * For babies who cry when lying down, it's fine to use the shower instead. However, do be careful that baby doesn't fall.
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Kavya ShivajiRaoMom of a 4 m old girl2 weeks ago
Baby itself is fragile and genitals will be much more. While giving bath to baby it’s important to splash some lukewarm water so that any dirt would flow out along with the water. Then tap well with the dry cloth. During the day or evening before night make sure baby is left uncovered for short time on a clean cloth so that there is proper aeration. If a mother is unable to above take a damp cloth or water based wipes and clean it smoothly and leave it uncovered for few minutes for aeration
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Asha RanjanMom of a 6 m old boy2 weeks ago
Prepare everything you’ll need in advance on the changing table: diapers, cotton pads, cleansing product, diaper cream, etc. Change your child’s diaper as soon as it is damp or with each bowel movement, preferably a little after meals. Newborns need to be changed more frequently, since they urinate and produce stools more often than older infants. Choose diapers that are appropriate for your child’s size: if the diaper is too small, it can create irritating friction and will not provide adequate protection from leaks. When you’re ready to change the diaper, place your baby on a clean bath towel. Open the diaper, then wipe the baby’s bottom with the front part of the diaper. Fold the diaper and dispose of it. Clean your baby’s bottom with a no-rinse cleansing fluid, a cleansing lotion or thick diaper wipes. If you prefer, you can also use a cleansing gel or emollient soap, and rinse with water. Clean from top to bottom, from the cleanest areas to the dirtiest, so as not to spread impurities elsewhere. For a baby girl, clean from the vulva (the outer folds of the lips and then the middle) towards the buttocks. For a baby boy, clean the penis, the scrotum and surrounding area, and then the buttocks. Thoroughly dry the folds in the skin to prevent any maceration, or if possible, let the skin air dry. Open the clean diaper and place your baby right in the center, so that the tabs are level with the navel. If you have a baby boy, be sure his penis is properly positioned downwards before closing the diaper, to prevent leaks. Don’t wait until your baby’s bottom is red before taking care of it! Each time you change a diaper, apply a protective cream or a talc that contains zinc oxide as prevention. In case of diaper rash, leave your baby’s bottom exposed to the air as much as possible and use a suitable skin care product.
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Preeti JainGuardian of a 3 yr 11 m old boy1 week ago
I use aloe-vera tissues for wiping which makes him feel gud & hygenic & keeps him smiling all day long.
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