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DR SHIWAJIRAO PATILGuardian of 2 children6 hours ago
Breast milk is the best food for baby and it’s baby’s birth right so every mother should feed her baby upto 15/18 months as it’s very healthy for her baby and her self too……….BUT… It has its own limits and problems so it should be practised after 18 months of age of baby,but it’s not a easy task so baby may not leave it quickly so to stop the Breast feeding….. 1) wean your baby after 6/7 months 2) eat enough nutritious food items 3) sleep away from your baby after 12/15 months so baby will be accustomed to independent sleep 4) give your baby some natural apetizer like fruit juice or cyproheptatidine (Cypon) drops before dinner so baby will eat more and sleep overnight too 5) Apply some bitter tasted an ayurvedic paste like Neem or lotion like femite at the nipples before feeding then baby may be repelled from breast feeding
DeepikaMom of 2 children1 Year ago
In reply to manoj lohan
now a days why mothers has become so modern that they need to stop breastfeeding to their child
Now a days fathers will only work they will not do any household chores ... sir it’s easy to comment but before you should know what is other’s problem even doctors are saying not to feed after 1 year because they will start taking solid food... All the babies are not same and all the parents are not same try to understand what is others perspective... it’s not fashion or some bla bla and finally you are not the mother of so n so ... so u don’t know the pain...
WonmilaMom of 2 children4 days ago
Xpress breast milk and bottlefeed the baby before going into actual weaning period. Let the baby get use to the bottle,giving formula and introducing bottle at the same time will be too challenging for the baby to adjust. Baby might refuse to take bottle if handle by mother due to breast/mother scent so let others handle for a day if possible. For the breast engorgement I use cabbage leaves and it does wonders. Wash cabbage leaves( remove the hard stem) with mineral water and keep it in airtight container to ensure cleanliness and place it in a fridge. Place these cold cabbage leaves all over the breast and replace the leaves whenever it dries up.
srivanipraneethTrying To Conceive5 days ago
away them from mother and during of asking us abt milk divert them and tell some stories and get them sleep
aparna rMom of a 2 yr 2 m old boy1 week ago
In reply to sajna farook
ma baby is 27 months now.. still I'm feeding.. I will stop we she is 30 month old.. nd please just don't blame plpls blindly... yur comment will be fine if moms stop feeding at 3rd month of baby's age..
m also breast feeding my 26th month son ...he eats everything but he is allergic to cow's milk .so hardly 15vdays I started with sofitvsoya milk for him nd breast feed on demand norhing wrong in bread feeding chill m with u 😘
sajna farookMom of a 2 yr 10 m old girl6 months ago
In reply to Nivedita singh
sir, it's not about modernization of mother, the topic is about how can u divert ur kids to things more nutritional than breast feed after certain tym. for babies it is best but for toddlers it has adverse effect. so before starting a rude comment for the females directly first understand what are we discussing on.
ma baby is 27 months now.. still I'm feeding.. I will stop we she is 30 month old.. nd please just don't blame plpls blindly... yur comment will be fine if moms stop feeding at 3rd month of baby's age..
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DR SHIWAJIRAO PATILGuardian of 2 children1 month ago
If you want to stop give your baby breast feeding then try to keep baby away from mother and at night give 1 ml cypon drops before dinner so baby may take enough food and sleep overnight
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karpagam chaithanyaMom of 2 children10 months ago
reduce the no. of feeds gradually so that ur breast get tuned to it. and wen it comes to 2 or 3 feeds per day... its time to stop 1 or 2 days... then it ll b easier to stop completely. this how i stopped feeding my son
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DharshikMom of a 3 yr 6 m old boy4 weeks ago
weaning is toughest part either breast feeding or bottle . make them wean gradually not all of a sudden . Introduce solids for one session and move on to 2,3 ..
Anjali MaturkarGuardian of a 1 yr 8 m old boy8 months ago
u can give your baby like sweet water,juice,any liquid which baby like...
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