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karpagam chaithanyaMom of 2 children1 day ago
reduce the no. of feeds gradually so that ur breast get tuned to it. and wen it comes to 2 or 3 feeds per day... its time to stop 1 or 2 days... then it ll b easier to stop completely. this how i stopped feeding my son
Nivedita singhMom of 2 children1 Year ago
In reply to manoj lohan
now a days why mothers has become so modern that they need to stop breastfeeding to their child
sir, it's not about modernization of mother, the topic is about how can u divert ur kids to things more nutritional than breast feed after certain tym. for babies it is best but for toddlers it has adverse effect. so before starting a rude comment for the females directly first understand what are we discussing on.
Rubiya wahabMom of a 2 yr 1 m old girl1 week ago
I suddenly stop the breastfeeding ,5 days I lost ma sleeping,
sakshi puriMom of a 4 m old boy1 week ago
my baby is just 4 mnths
Shrutika PatilMom of a 2 yr 2 m old girl2 weeks ago
whatever I apply on my nipples my daughter rub it using my hands. nothing working :(
Shruti AnandMom of 2 children5 months ago
In reply to #Babygurisadventures
hi there if you want to stop your baby or toddler to stop breastfeeding . Rules no 1 your baby must be one year old if you want to feed him/ her cow milk. if you want to stop around six months it's also fine if you're working mom or your having health issues or your baby is not getting any proper nutrition then you should introduce doctor recommended baby milky formula you should never give your baby cow's milk if he or she is under the age of 1year old why? Search on Google or ask your pediatrician Rule no 2 if you're baby is already 1year old and you are feeding him or her sold food and drinking water from sippy cup or just from cup or if you to feeding bottle try to introduce formula or cow's milk around when you're child is happy and in the play full mood they more like to try drinking milk from other sources then they are hunger or crying . rule no 3 you must be patient with child . rule no 4 if you're child is not happy with this arrangement don't worry even if you're first attempt failed and your child is refusing the feeding bottle then stop and have break for 15 to 20 days then try again rather than making them hate trying new thing all together. rule no 5 try to be strong and don't forget take breather. rule no 6 make sure you child have full tummy and they don't go hunger it's gonna make them more want have breast milk . rule no 7 put something on your nipple's if you're child is in their toddler stage if not try some other method that works with your child like for example covering your breast with bra or with piece of clothing it will help. rule no 8 Never means never put like chilly powder or anything to bitter it can burn your little ones sanstive mouth . most important rule no 9 don't take any harmful advice from anyone and remember you're mother you got this and always go with your gut . and take your time and make your mind and don't be under any pressure when you want to stop breastfeeding it's all up to you Ps I tried three times before my son stopped breast feeding at 24 months old it's was my decision because I was very emotional attached to my son and first two times I felt guilty and it's normal because this how you're child start the bonding with you through breastfeeding and it's our little ones primary source of food and it's very special bonding experience for mother you should enjoy it as much you can
My son is 18 months old, I have not introduced bottle to my son as suggested by doctor for 1 year. After dat I tried giving him regular milk through sippy cups n bottles n glass but he never drinks regular milk. Now I really feel guilty of not introducing regular milk wen he was 6 months old. I am feeling really bad as I wanna quit breastfeeding but ne never takes regular milk. What shud I do plz suggest
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ishitaMom of 4 children3 weeks ago
In reply to Jyoti
my baby 2 years 3 months I want to Stop feeding docter suggest me femite shall I use this for Stop feeding it's is good for baby please tell me because I have confused
What is this femite???
Radhika MMom of 2 children3 weeks ago
apply aloevera jel nipple area
Ruhi FathimaGuardian of a 1 yr 2 m old girl3 weeks ago
apply bitter taste like neem paste bitter gourd paste etc
MosinaMom of 2 children3 weeks ago
apply some neem juice at nipple area r apply some kinkudukaya juice
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