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Shivani YadavExpecting Mom due this month3 days ago
Using coconut oil everytime before the baby wear diaper
priti BarnwalMom of 2 children5 days ago
hello, I suggest to use Uno pants as it does not produce any rashes and can work like diaper.
Satyashri PatilMom of a 1 m old girl5 days ago
baby's are very quick learner after 6 month u have just put your effort ....because baby's going to become habitual so for pee n all you have just hold your baby in standing position and say suuuuu...or put some cols water on her or his lag doesn't need a diaper n all..... but for traveling n all u can use diaper
Sitikantha MohantyGuardian of a 3 m old girl3 weeks ago
1st of all please avoid diaper all time...better to use dry bed protector sheet...u can place baby directly on that ,no need to wear nappy diaper no rash...rash occur due to wetness not wearing branded diaper lasted for 2 hr if your child heavily pee...if rash occurs... their were creams, coconut oil also u can use...
Ruhi Ajees ShaikMom of 3 children12 months ago
use eazinapi cream before wearing diaper
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RaginiGuardian of a 4 yr 1 m old boy12 months ago
apply coconut oil..u get the good and fast results
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MiniMom of 2 children12 months ago
If your baby gets diaper rashes, try to apply coconut oil before put on diaper, it helps to keep enough care wall between diaper and baby's soft skin.
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Shajini KadeerGuardian of a 1 yr 4 m old girl12 months ago
Hi, apply Diaper rash cream before putting diaper. Wipe the skin with warm water & apply coconut oil after removing the diaper
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Fathima AfrahMom of a 1 yr 11 m old girl12 months ago
1.Wash your baby thoroughly 2.Apply rash cream 3.wear the diaper at the right size
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Fathima BegumGuardian of a 2 yr 4 m old boy12 months ago
apply rash cream thoroughly
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