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Amrendra AzadFather of a 1 m old girl13 hours ago
Senitizing the easily touch points.
Dr.Rasika ThosarMom of 2 children1 day ago
Babies are precious and we parents take all the possible efforts to keep our homes extra clean for the baby. These days many cleansers, detergents are full of chemicals and harsh for the skin as well as environment. I have tried many brands for the same. As a doctor and a mother of 2 lovely daughters, I finally zeroed in on brand. I use mom' surface cleanser for my baby's room daily. A bottle with a nozzle spray is all you need to clean the surfaces in no time. Quick cleanup and no hassles. Natural mild fragrance is another plus point. liquid cleanser is also great for cleaning toys, baby bottles and loads of other baby stuff. Fruits and vegetables are also cleaned with this so they are safe to eat! Baby's skin is so delicate that I avoid all the soaps and harsh detergents for baby clothes. Here baby detergent comes to the rescue! Quick and easy wash for all the milk, poo and pee stains. Also it keeps the clothes fresh and fragrant. So my cleaning routine is definitely made easy with products resulting in Happy me , happy baby:)
prakashFather of a 1 m old girl1 day ago
The most interacting place and things are floor, clothes and surface. By using liquid cleanser, surface cleanser and laundry detergent, the home can be toxin free for babies. I suggest The moms co brand as it is safe and natural
Nida MirzaMom of a 11 m old girl2 days ago
for cleaning and washing I always used to prefer natural products which are free from chemicals
Momof2Mom of 2 children3 days ago
I keep my house toxin free by sweeping and mopping the floor everyday with a disinfectant. Also I do regular dusting and wiping of table tops, window sills, bed rails, chair hand rests etc. Most importantly we remove our baby's shoes and place them outside to avoid potential germs. As soon as we come enter the house from outside, it's a rule of our house to immediately wash hands, feet and face.
AnuMom of a 1 yr old girl3 days ago
Cleaning the floor everyday, and sweeping and washing
Abha pandoMom of a 6 m old boy3 days ago
hey! good evening to all the mother's, guardian, and first cry well wishers. first of all , home toxin include many things in it. so if I start from beginning , will go in points * if you wanna keep your home and surrounding you need to clean your home twice a day with luke warm water and add Dettol in it . * do everyday dusting twice a day ( morning and evening) * keep all the plastic things away from your kid , provide good silicon fitted bottles for water, milk, Copper bottle for your kid . * provide luke warm bath to your kid everyday but don't apply soap and shampoo everyday as it may affect their skin and may lead to dryness. * sanitize your hands when ever you're touching anything and even your baby. * do clean your babies toys and sterilize them. * milk bottles should be sterlize and should be washed frequently. * keep all your home appliances electric related properly covered to avoid any hazard. * don't keep anything poisonous near or where babies can reach. * Don't keep anything of small size near your baby . so that he/she should not put in mouth. to avoid hazard. * keep all fur related items away from your baby. so that that fur should not go in mouth to avoid hazard. * Don't burn anything near to your Home or even environment. which might affect the air . which may affect the baby lungs. *Home toxin can be a toxin families which may affect the babies cognitive development . Children who grew up in toxic families are more likely to have cognitive issues such as problems with memory, attention, and inhibition. They may be more susceptible to depression, anxiety, and other disorders. *lock all your cupboard where you kept all your contagious items so that your kid is not able to reach there. *Never put roach powders or rat poison on the floors of your home. Do not use insect sprays on furniture or mattresses. *Keep cleaning products in their original bottles. Don't put cleaning products in old soda bottles or containers that were used for food. *Keep car supplies (antifreeze, windshield washer fluid) and gardening products (fertilizer, bug repellent) out of reach in a securely locked area (in your garage, if you have one). Make sure they're stored according to package instructions. *Some products around the house have alcohol and need to be kept away from kids: .mouthwash .food extracts, such as vanilla and almond .hand sanitizer .perfume and cologne *Keep cosmetics and toiletries away from children. Be especially careful with perfume, hair dye, hairspray, nail polish, shoe polish, and nail polish remover. *Know the names of the plants in your house and yard. Put plants out of reach when possible. Remind kids not to eat plants they find inside or outside and keep an eye on them. *Keep kids away from seasonal plants too. Some holiday houseplants (like lilies, poinsettia, holly, and mistletoe) are toxic *Throw away used button batteries (like those in watches) safely, and store any unused ones far from kids' reach. I feel I'll include because there are many more things to recover and explore with experience only. thank you.
Usha jhaMom of a 9 m old boy4 days ago
I do house cleaning 2 times a day with dettlo and give bathe to my baby every day and 1 time spong change 4 times clothes and as required also.
SuganyaMom of a 11 m old boy5 days ago
Below steps are done everyday to keep my home toxin free for baby. 1. Warm water bath for baby so that any dirts, bacteria will be rinsed off from his body. 2. Floor mopping everyday to make sure my baby does not get any infection when he crawls and plays. 3. Safe disposal of wastes, wet diapers etc. 4. Clean hand wash and leg wash after returning back from outside to home. 5. Clean baby's toys regularly.
Prerna JainMom of a Newborn girl5 days ago
by using air purifier to clean the air. bath 3 times a week of baby and daily changing her clothes. washing her clothes separately. cleaning the bed for her
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