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Jyoti singhGuardian of a 1 yr 2 m old girl4 months ago
every night
Sonal singhviMom of a 9 m old boy6 months ago
After my c-section,they shifted to my room n first tym i hear my baby crying noise he is continously crying for feed it was my first tym i hv to feed i am hvng a problem bcoz of small nipples but wid d help of nurse i strtd feeding him n slowly slowly he stopped crying d feeling when i saw my baby is tkng feed n seeing me with his little eyes it was owesome dat tym i realize what really motherhood is...I forget all my pain in just 1 second love diz moment it was undescribable...
AlkaMom of 2 children6 months ago
to hold my baby for the first time, was a moment of a lifetime. and then the feeling of feeding her from my milk for the first time was like a life time achievement award been given to me. I was overwhelmed. tears of joy were running down. all the pain that I was going through vanished in a second. the feeling of my baby being inside me to the feeling of my baby being by my side is just undescribable. she was struggling to suck and was still trying .. this made me understand, the moment we are born, we start our struggles.
KinseMom of a 8 m old boy6 months ago
Realy that was magical day in my life ... bcz after delivery 3 days i cant feed my baby
Priya DawaniMom of a 2 yr 2 m old boy6 months ago
feeding for the first time to my baby was one of the most precious moment of my life..
Niranjana devi JMom of a 8 m old boy6 months ago
i felt very happy when i breastfeed for my baby for the first time, bcz since my 1 st trimester i have a pain in my abdomen, so i was afraid a lot and i struggled a lot during my delivery..... there is no word to say my happiness on that moment......
AishwaryaMom of a 3 yr 4 m old girl6 months ago
memoray moment
siniMom of 2 children6 months ago
I felt the exact starting point of post partum motherhood and my baby has good sucking ability naturally....
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Geeta KatareMom of 3 children6 months ago
I was very happy....
farzanaMom of a 1 yr 3 m old boy6 months ago
I felt so blessed when i first breast fed my baby.. because this is my rainbow baby. i didnt get a chance to breast feed my first baby.. while all mothers were breast feeding their babies in the nursing room of nicu I hide my tears.. unfortunately i lost him after a month. after one and half yr i am blessed with my second baby. so happy for him and thanking god for this blessing
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