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RosyMom of a 7 m old boy16 mins ago
it was heartwarming feeling ❤
Arya nMom of a 11 m old girl22 mins ago
Happy tears 😍
RAMom of 3 children12 hours ago
I cried..Happy Tears😁
Harshita Samarveer SinghMom of a 1 yr 5 m old boy23 hours ago
Joy of Motherhood 🤱
saikatFather of a 3 m old girl1 day ago
I would describe it as the sweetest pain on earth!! My nipples would hurt along with my stitches and I couldn’t feel my lower body well but along with it was the bliss of looking at my child for the first time bonding with her feeling her little lips and stroking her gently , I felt blessed! A wonderful moment it was indeed!! Motherhood is bliss..
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RashmiMom of a 4 m old boy1 day ago
I m feeling very bad because I don't breastfeed my baby completely in the earlier day . I have to depend on formula milk. But after 20 days I breastfeed my baby completely and this moment was amazing. I can't explain this moment. I'm feeling very happy and relaxed. Now I also feel motherhood. It was a very great feeling when I took my baby in my arm for breastfeeding. For few minutes I can't believed that I'm also become mother of a cute baby boy.
meenaMom of 2 children1 day ago
I am feel very great to breastfeeding my baby boy was seen in my eyes so cute I will giving milk as that time was amazing that pain also very happy to feel on that time
KhushbooMom of 2 children1 day ago
hi,it was amazing experience which has no words to be explained. It is love towards baby which remainds our mother love. It give us internal peace ful and whole world in our harm. By the way there is many things to write but has I told it have no words for feeling of frist breastfeeding. Thanx u
Gazala shekhMom of a 9 m old boy1 day ago
It was amazing moment in my life. wow it's wonderful experience and feel pure love 😘
sitara pradhanMom of a 2 yr 4 m old girl1 day ago
first time was a blessed moment for. just to see the little one sucking the nipple. The pain of the c section just disappeared for a while.
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