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Community User2 months ago
Hi I'm four and half years old son and we try to concive second baby.but I am diabetic patients through first please suggest me what should I do 😊
kanishka naraMom of 2 children3 months ago
I have nice experience of my both pregnancy. but in second pregnancy we have to take care of first child more than second one
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aparna choudhary19942016@gmail.comMom of 2 children3 months ago
my seconde pregnancy was totaly opposite in my 1st preg i never felt hungry but in 2nd one i always feel hungry n smtimes even start crying of hunger n headach due to starving n got body pain specially back pain in my secong preg n i gain 20 kg weight even i got sttetch marks while in my 1st preg there was nothing like that.
laxmikanthiMom of 2 children1 Year ago
In reply to Deepak naveen
पहले और दूसरे बच्चें के बीच मे अधिकतम और न्यूनतम कितना फासला होना चाहिए
3-5 years
johnyMom of a 5 yr 3 m old boy4 months ago
my first baby is 4year 10months we are trying to conceive 2 baby ........
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prabhjot kaurGuardian of 2 children1 Year ago
In reply to Neeru Singh
hi, I am thinking for second baby my first child is 12years old earlier my husband and me were not ready for 2nd child,but as time passed sometimes we think we should go for second baby...I am 36 now my decision of second child is good or not?
My daughter is also 12 .I gave birth a handsome boy 2 months ago 😊
Parveen kumariMom of 5 children6 months ago
in my 1st pregemcy i had no idea of any tests name of time frame which r mandatory to be done within the pregwncy weeks i am 8months Pregnant with my 2nd i have knowldge of medicines,supplements,ultrasounds which need to be done and when and why.i am more aware now.
PoojaGuardian of a 4 yr 11 m old girl1 Year ago
my first child
BhartiMom of a 1 yr 4 m old boy1 Year ago
this is my first pragnancy
neeruMom of 2 children1 Year ago
hiii.. i hv a doubt. maine 2nd time concieve kiya tha...mera fst baby 6 mnth ka h so we decide to abort this baby😕 after treatmnt mrko sirf 3 4 hours tk heavy bleeding rhi or shaam tk bilkul bnd(mtlb sirf ek din me hi bnd).aisa kyu?? is it bcoz of breastfeeding??
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