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nishuMom of 5 children17 hours ago
We celebrated her anprashan by chanting sunderkand at our house😊
Sapna Rahul KungwaniMom of a 1 yr 1 m old boy2 weeks ago
6 months it's called annaprashan. various food(pulps)are prepared along with panchamrit which after pooja by priest or panditji is given to the child
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SunandaMom of a 5 m old boy5 days ago
In reply to Keerti Anurag
in which month do u celebrate first time feed food ceremony?
For baby girl by 5month and baby boys by 6month
Haniya AzmiMom of a 1 yr 8 m old boy6 days ago
maam mera baby to kuch nhi khna chata hai 20 mnth ka hogaya hai magr sirf doodh pita hai aur bahot zabar dasti daliya khila dete hai plzzz aap kuch baten ki woh kyse khayega a aur agar zabrdasti khilao to ulti kar deta hai na bada horha na mota he horha plzzzzz aap kuch bataien yah koi dawa
Vaishnavi ManiMom of a 6 m old girl1 week ago
In reply to Padma
We usually prepare sweet rice and take to temple and get the pooja done. Due to pandamic we celebrated at home fed baby with sweet rice finely mashed and then started with semi solid ragi malt in silver bowl and spoon(for the first time we feed the baby food in silver spoon and bowl and continue to feed in the same)
My baby's Annaprasannam is delayed due to lockdown, I have prayed that I wil give her 1st food at Temple.
neha bediMom of a 2 yr 10 m old boy2 weeks ago
this was very different for mother in law keeps a fast on every puranmashi and prepares aate ka halwa as my son started shouting that he wants to eat halwa and so that very day we made him taste food for first time in front of god in her dadis laps
lopamudraMom of a 3 yr 4 m old girl2 weeks ago
this first time food ceremony is known as arnaprasanna...its usually happen in 6 to 7 months of to make rice kheer .first need to do puja in front of god then make it eat to ur kid...kid should wear new dress after bath...
RADHA K CMom of 2 children2 weeks ago
Give to raagisari
Keerti AnuragMom of a 4 m old girl2 weeks ago
In reply to Divya Mallikarjun
My daughter ate bobbatlu/pooranpoli, semiya kheer
in which month do u celebrate first time feed food ceremony?
v NikhilaMom of 2 children2 weeks ago
Hai friends I thought that due to lockdown I would miss to celebrate my baby's first feed but by God shower I was happy to celebrate in nearby temple with my father brother and son making her feed kheer and god's blessings.
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