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GeetikaMom of a 1 yr old boy2 weeks ago
Pregnancy and motherhood are physically, mentally and emotionally daunting. Being a mother is the greatest blessing in the world but we stop doing things we loved to do before and was a vital part of our lifestyle. I used to exercise before and I involved my baby is my exercises. Also when he sleeps, I do some of my work (as I'm an architect by profession and working as a freelancer right now). We just need to remember that our baby is a part of our life and not the whole life and we shouldn't feel guilty of giving some time to ourselves.
namanpreet kaur dangMom of a 1 yr 7 m old girl2 weeks ago
Definitely being mother is the best feeling ever ❤️ it is totally a life changing moment for me in a positive way ❤️ but there is something i really miss or i feel it will take a little bit more time to do things like earlier i do😛 i miss my work... professionally i m fashion designer and a freelancer... i stopped working at the time of pregnancy... my work was a part of my life and i really enjoy doing it... but for my baby i left all this things so that i can give her appropriate time or help her in growing well.. i am not the person who can sit at home and enjoy ...i love exploring ❤️ go to the markets do window shopping .. online shopping n much more😛 but now whenever i shop online i shop 90% for my daughter 😉 i don't knw how but the first thing comes to my mind is what my daughter is in need now a days as she is growing stage right now... i hardly shopped for myself 🙄 even dont remember whn i shopped for myself last🙄 so all this things i really miss.. i know msg jyada badha ho gya h bt it's fine😛 hope u enjoyed it n might more of u can relate to my saying😍
Arti SinghGuardian of 2 children2 weeks ago
I feel complete and nurtured with power of nature, it's the beauty of the word "MOM" that even after loosing beauty of our body we become most beautiful lady of the world/universe. I always enjoyed to play as a mother.❤
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Community User3 weeks ago
I caught a reflection of myself and I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror... Dark, weary eyes, tired skin, no light or sparkle in sight...then no house hold help during lock down..thn one day I saw my daughter like my singing when I sing a song for her she really enjoy and sleep peacefully and singing was my childhood hobby and in 9 months time my daughter made me realised that I should start my singing passion again .. If a mother gives everything to her child nature give immense opportunity to be happy ..I love my daughter with my entire soul and 💓 love you Gave me a chance to be your mother ..
KimakshiMom of a 4 m old girl2 weeks ago
Becoming a mother is a great blessing to us by God. Being a working women I am enjoying my maternity leaves by taking care of my baby. After completion of my leaves I don't think that there is any need to rediscover because I am still the same infact more happier than before.
Ritika MehtaMom of a 3 yr 1 m old boy2 weeks ago
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hemavivekMom of a 2 yr 2 m old boy2 weeks ago
I never lost myself.. pregnancy nd becoming a mother is the best nd very exciting part of my life ya it's difficult to accept changes... but may God give every girl this kind of changes and happiness cus becoming a mother is a blessing.. # I love this change...
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laxmiMom of 3 children3 weeks ago
You got to make yourself available for YOU as well, taking care of physical as well as mental wellness in order to imbibe and transmit the positive energy to our surrounding! Been an avid runner and trekker in the past, Taking out time to workout is the way i feel like i am able to find myself again!!
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Suhasini PatilMom of 2 children3 weeks ago
The most magical day was the day I became mother.,... Being mamma is not an easy job but it is definitely the best job anyone could ever have.....
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Bharti SharmaMom of 2 children3 weeks ago
As such there was nothing... but yes after becoming mother i care self more as i know he needs me more than anything... i stopped wasting my time in useless things.... In my son i got a man who cares me more than anyone... although he is of 4 years but he notices each and every thing.. even he notices that i need to go to parlor for eyebrows..... just loving my this life more than before him it was.... Love lots my jaan...
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