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Faiza sakib pathan Mom of a 2 yr 2 m old boy 1 week ago
To prevent rashes on baby skin ,I always bath my baby with warm water for few minutes avoiding my baby to soak in soapy water and tap dry then I always use my favourite Dove moisturiser to my baby skin when his skin still semi wet, This trick is not only hydrate my baby skin but also prevent from rashes.
Preety Pandey Mom of a 1 yr 6 m old girl 2 weeks ago
I use Baby Dove shampoo for my daughter to wash her hair and it is really very mild
For body wash i use Baby Dove body wash which keep my daughter skin super hydrating
after bath i use Baby Dove lotion on her body to keep her body all day hydrating
and i use Baby dove wipes and it has never cause rashes on my daughter
Thank you so much for such a super baby care product
shaikh Mom of a 11 m old girl 2 weeks ago
I always change my baby's diapper in every 6 hrs and some times early depending on its wetness and always use dusting powder and after cleaning with wipes I keep baby's skin open untill it gets completely dry if little bit redness occures I apply rash cream and keep it open for half and hour
Divya Mom of a 1 yr 1 m old boy 2 weeks ago
Actually i am not aware of this situation bcz for my baby am using completely baby dove products which is from starting day to end of the day like massage oil, shampoo, soap, lotion, creams, powder, everything. Am eagerly waiting for dove diapers for my baby. So i didn't get a chance to know this situation which is rashes. Bcz dove is such a awesome product for babies nd adults too. We r completely dove family. Better you just try once and no person should not go away from that.
afnaan salmanfaris Mom of a 2 m old boy 2 weeks ago
1. Massage with pure coconut oil before bathing
2. Make a paste of Gram flour and Green Gram powder with pure cow's milk and use it instead of soap while bathing
3. Avoid harsh scrubbing
4. Use minimum number of skin products
It's best to avoid lotions and other baby products untill the rashes clear out
5. Use light weight,thin and soft clothes made of pure cotton
RINKI SHAW Mom of a 8 m old girl 2 weeks ago
daily bath your baby with luke warm water or sun bath & apply oil which suits ur baby skin message
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Dr.Lekshmy Venugpal Mom of a 4 m old boy 2 weeks ago
Gentle massage of baby's body with virgin coconut oil before bath and while bathing application of turmeric powder on baby's body instead of soaps
Sweety Seth Chopra Mom of a 1 yr 3 m old boy 2 weeks ago
Tested remedies for rashes -
1. Give her baby to bath with warm water and apply Himalaya rash cream. don't apply any soap for bathing.
2. Loose clothes and soft clothes are comfortable for your baby this time.. don't apply too much power on that.. and special thing please avoid diaper.. When baby wearing diapers that time it will be harm your baby...rashes and itching are more irritated to your baby
3 If possible avoid under garments for some hours.. baby feel comfortable..
gopi Father of 2 children 3 weeks ago
Daily bath your kid with luke water and dove tip to toe baby wash.
after that apply gently dove moisturizer of his body.
if the skin will be dry than there is the chance of nappy rash.
use dove rash cream before diaper for protect your kid from nappy rash.
always wash my kid's poo and pee with luke water and apply dove moisturizer help me no nappy rash


if your kid have nappy rash, avoid to use diaper till nappy rash heal.
clean after passing motion and pee and apply dove nappy rash cream will heal it early.
It's magical result will come if you will apply dove nappy rash cream with coconut oil .

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Dr Aamit lakhani Father of a 3 yr 5 m old girl 3 weeks ago
clean your kids skin with hot water and soft cloth or wet wipes
use dove nappy rash cream .
check diaper of kids every half an hour
apply coconut oil twice a day
try to avoid diaper if possible.
as a doctor, it's my advice.
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