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Mohammad ShahzainMom of a 1 yr old boy3 days ago
Primary teeth are also known as baby teeth, milk teeth, or deciduous teeth. They act as placeholders for permanent adult teeth, but they have different composition, structure, and number. Primary teeth are smaller and look whiter than permanent teeth because they have thinner enamel.
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Babitha jayaramGuardian of a 5 m old girl6 days ago
Hi....... Once the set of primary teeth is complete, the jaws of the baby grow to make room for the permanent teeth which begin to appear at around 6 years of age. The milk teeth then begin to shed over the next 6 years and are replaced by a full set of permanent teeth by around the age of 12 years.
ruttika desaiMom of a 5 m old boy3 weeks ago
All milk teeth erupt in the mouth by the age of 3 years... Between 3-6 years, the child will use his milk teeth for eating. Maintaining good oral hygiene during this period is very important since severe dental infection in these teeth can damage the permanent dental follicle below. Also milk teeth provide a natural guidance system for the eruption of permanent teeth. if there is premature loss of milk teeth, the permanent tooth that was supposed to take its place drifts away and erupts in an abnormal location. After 6 years the first permanent molars erupt behind the last milk teeth. It is very easy for parents to confuse them as milk teeth and assume that it's okay if they are damaged since they will fall off. Permanent molars are larger in size compared to the milk molar teeth.
joyMom of 2 children3 weeks ago
At about the age of 6 years , the first permanent molar teeth erupt . these 4 molars (2 in each jaw ) come out behind the child's baby teeth . other permanent teeth, such as the incisors , canines , and premolars erupt into the gaps in the gum left by baby teeth that are lost.
Shaikh mumtaz gauhar3 weeks ago
Nevika vishalGuardian of 2 children4 weeks ago
Milk teeth looks like milky white rather than Permanent teeth, and also very smooth and softer enamel also not thicker than permanent teeth when milk teeth fall down doesn't feel more pain😁😁😁
ipsitaGuardian of 2 children1 month ago
both permanent n milk teeth have the same roots. So a proper oral hygiene is important at the time of milk teeths, so that when permanent teeth erupt they will get a healthy root n oral space, which will help them to be healthy.
Belal1 month ago
Milk teeth are small Milk teeth are whiter As they have thinner enamel. Milk teeth are 20 number, where as permanent teeth are 32 number, 12 molars teeth additional Milk teeth start falling at age 6 years
YogiMom of a 1 yr old boy1 month ago
milky teeth are like "totata hua tara" and permanent teeth are like twinkle twinkle little star in the sky. milky teeth is practice match for permanent teeth. milky teeth make perfect space and pit for eruption of the permanent teeth.
Iriza ella khardewsaw1 month ago
when milk teeth fall out then permanent teeth growing
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