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Yasmin hawaMom of a 5 yr old girl6 hours ago
motherhood is precious gift God
Vasudha LMom of a 2 yr 6 m old girl1 Year ago
Since our baby was premature, she was in NICU for 5 days due to sugar fluctuations; Breastmilk production, extraction to be given in NICU; had to keep her in certain temperature for first few weeks; only sponge bath for almost 1.5 months ( where people asked to give oil bath n doctors asked not to.. we went with doctor's advice) ; finding dress that fit her; Asking visitors to use hand sanitizer before touching baby; handling Anxiety when visitors with cough / cold/ fever came; Not to get offended when people commented that she is tiny; Increasing her weight by hourly feed and formula combination - an hour or two sleep per day for almost two months which resulted in back pain later - that almost made me bedridden for a day; Now she is almost nearing baseline weight at 8 months. She has this special smile only for me; she is real fighter - has overcome so many obstacles; Makes my days special; except that she is not chubby , she is now active and reaching milestones as expected.
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Dr Monika Piyush YadavMom of a 11 m old boy2 days ago
yeah, it's true. it is a totally new and a different experience of life
vrushaliMom of 2 children2 months ago
every one has problems for sure but just keep in mind this time will pass so look at u r little one smile and try to enjoy this period also, never shy to take help of every one around you then only you will be happy and able to make others happy and the big one forget about everything and everyone who is bad for you just remember early happiness and peace is more important for base of our life.
Sukanya bandaramMom of a 6 m old girl2 months ago
I had C section delivery in the month of July for the first time.The first problem was I am unable to do the things on my own like I need support to sit ,stand ,walk, unable to eat and to take care of lil one.The second problem was after few days I had dizziness and I slept for more than usual.The third problem was breastfeeding there are issues with latching.I had overcome this problem by giving sleeping suggestions to the baby.Once the baby started latching I had breast pain.The fourth problem was sleeplessness since the baby was not habituated to our regular sleep time.The fifth problem was lack of milk production.I consumed raw papaya,methi seeds, barely seeds,drumstick leaves powder which increased the milk production a lot.The sixth problem was to understand why the baby was crying or feeling uncomfortable.After a month everything got set right and now we are having lots and lots of smiles every day.
SHWETA AMom of a 1 yr 7 m old girl4 weeks ago
i thought the delivery was the tough part.but growing a baby is far difficult then that.i had no idea how to take care of my baby and no one is around to guide,and the one who taught me everything is my feels like i am not the one who gave her birth rather she has given me the second birth in a single life. #my baby ,my inspiration towards life
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Deepika MayaniMom of a 10 m old girl3 weeks ago
when she was born lockdown starts so no doctor is available for any kind of help just like vaccination or any other symptoms
SertogracyMom of a 5 m old girl4 weeks ago
after 2 days being admitted I gave birth to my daughter,I wanted to see her but we were separated .she was in ICU because she had swallowed some dirt during delivery.the next sad experience was almost for a week my breast milk did not flow n she cried a lot. a week before my delivery my mom had undergone appendix and womb operation, so my husband had to take care of the three of us.
Punam ChettriGuardian of 2 children4 weeks ago
The first challenge was feeding a hungry baby n breastmilk dosent come.....heart breaks
Annu AjjuGuardian of a 3 m old boy1 month ago
This is my second delivery, I am a diabetic patient first baby girl is low birth weight her weight was 1.9 kgs, and the second one is baby boy his weight is 1.5 at birth so complicated delivery,, so many problems I faced this time and I got frustrated and one type of mental tension and managing my insulin levels is too tough my story is unique in this world... I am so lonely my husband is busy with his business
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