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Punam ChettriMom of a 1 yr 3 m old boy1 Year ago
The first challenge was feeding a hungry baby n breastmilk dosent come.....heart breaks
Vasudha LMom of a 3 yr 6 m old girl2 years ago
Since our baby was premature, she was in NICU for 5 days due to sugar fluctuations; Breastmilk production, extraction to be given in NICU; had to keep her in certain temperature for first few weeks; only sponge bath for almost 1.5 months ( where people asked to give oil bath n doctors asked not to.. we went with doctor's advice) ; finding dress that fit her; Asking visitors to use hand sanitizer before touching baby; handling Anxiety when visitors with cough / cold/ fever came; Not to get offended when people commented that she is tiny; Increasing her weight by hourly feed and formula combination - an hour or two sleep per day for almost two months which resulted in back pain later - that almost made me bedridden for a day; Now she is almost nearing baseline weight at 8 months. She has this special smile only for me; she is real fighter - has overcome so many obstacles; Makes my days special; except that she is not chubby , she is now active and reaching milestones as expected.
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AkshataMom of a 5 m old boy3 months ago
In reply to Firstcry User
next challenge was low breastmilk .baby is hungry and you are unable to feed was the worst feeling ever.i felt guilty.i felt pain.and i had to hear taunts of my own people.
this is true... even I cried a lot when my baby was crying for milk and I'm unable to satisfy him.. no one understand the pain what mother is going through..
LisaMom of 3 children2 years ago
It feels really inspiring to read about challenges other moms have faced during the post partum period. I am the mother of a 3-months-old baby boy. My delivery experience was horrible as after almost 24 hours of contractions trying for normal delivery, I went for caeserian. After delivery, I traveled home for just a couple of months but came back last month as I was missing my hubby and he was missing both of us. Since then it has been extremely challenging, with me trying to manage my baby's every need and also my own health as I am still suffering from back pain n headaches. Reading these posts have given me hope. That there are more like me n these days shall pass. Please like if you loved what I shared. Keep more coming!
Jay7 months ago
It itself a challenging process throughout with the best result
DrSunetra SharmaMom of a 8 m old girl4 weeks ago
for me, I didn't get support from my in laws, always they were like I am unable to take care of my baby n always in a scolding attitude....but my husband was always there for me in my every decision so they could not overpower me. moreover l would like to mention the role of my mother, whom we, daughters always forget to give a mention thinking that it's their duty to be with us.sheis always there with me in my all needs n staying at in law's house was a big challenge to me apart from all other challenges we new moms face
Deepika DiwanMom of 2 children1 month ago
Same here , Now weight is a problem for me
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Shilpa SawantMom of a 10 m old boy3 weeks ago
My pregnancy was tough phase for me as I given given birth to my premature baby,My financial condition was not good,I given birth to my baby in government hospital,after birth my baby was having lots of medical problems and even after many test no any conclusions about the problems,so we moved to another state ,in government hospital..There we gone through lots of test daily..checked everything..& my baby was unconscious for 10 days..having several blood, urine,lungs infection..Done every test from Ct San,tumour,tb.etc etc..but left with no conclusion... After having c section,no any rest &lots of physical & mental stress,sleep less nights..Gone through very difficult time..
MadhuriMom of a 1 yr 8 m old girl3 weeks ago
it's my first pregnancy and too faced many challenges postpartum depression, cannot express pain to others really a big challenge rebirth for a woman.
ShwetaMom of a 1 yr 3 m old girl1 Year ago
In reply to Divya Yadav
I didn't get a single day rest after c-section delivery. I had to look after my baby alone as my mother in law was keeping herself busy in kitchen. I was not getting proper and timely diet. As they wanted to harass me in every possible way wether mentally or physically. I used to cry when my husband was leaving for the office. As it was my first baby so I knew nothing about baby care n all. Till now I am going through this but can proudly say I bought up my child on my own. 😎
It sounds like my story... How are you now??
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