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Asha pawarGuardian of a 4 m old girl3 hours ago
Things I wish I knew before breastfeeding..feeding by both the breast is very important to avoid problem of uneven breast size.
Asha pawarGuardian of a 4 m old girl3 hours ago
Things I wish I knew before breastfeeding..feeding by both the breast is very important to avoid problem of uneven breast size.
Arya nMom of a 11 m old girl12 hours ago
Thing i wish i knew before brestfeeding. I was very scared at first. Assuming there will be good pain. But I now realize that breastfeeding is a very good experience. If you are a mother, you should breastfeed your baby. Breast milk is very important for a baby. The mother should give milk to the baby within the first half hour after we give birth.😍
ragini sekharMom of a 4 m old boy21 hours ago
thing I wish I knew before id amazing to hear even covid +ve can feed tobaby exclusively, amazing to hear, coz no one can separate mom and kid even covid,🥰💃💃💃 feeding is essential to baby and mother too. to boost immune system, and survival of baby. as forwho recommend mother should wear medical mask and frequently washing hands rith soap and water or sanitizer for30sevbefore touching baby. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Harshita Samarveer SinghMom of a 1 yr 5 m old boy23 hours ago
the first yellow milk your body produces is full of antibodies and infection fighting white blood cells which helps to develop baby's immune system.
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sitara pradhanMom of a 2 yr 4 m old girl23 hours ago
Things i wish i knew before Breast feeding is that breastfeeding is not as magical as it seems. There are lot of physics, chemistry and biology involved. like right from holding the baby in right position so that the milk would not enter her ears and feeding the baby from both i wish i knew about it earlier I would not have hone through so much pain as I had to.
meenaMom of 2 children1 day ago
breastfeeding is God's gift for every baby is safe and develope there body and brain and immunization to control there illness though breastfeeding
Community User1 day ago
so i give it in pointers to make it easy to grasp- 1- milk does not automatically come out just after dilivering a baby, it takes 3-4 days for letdown of milk. 2- you have to burp the baby after every feed, or it will not sleep properly and can also vomit, more difficult than feeding. 3-your baby will keep on pinching you while feeding, and you will be too tierd to get her off. 4-if you didn't feed your baby for longer period milk will leak out of your breasts automatically without warning, that time you will remember what are breast pads for. 5- last but not the least the connection you develop with the baby while breast feeding is priceless, and no one can tell you that, it's something only you can experience. happy breast feeding 🤗🤗🤗
saikatFather of a 3 m old girl1 day ago
Thing I wish I knew before breast feeding is that it is the most challenging task for the mother thereby being the best thing ever for your child!! It is child specific and It acts like a therapy for mothers with post partum depression and also there is no substitute to breast milk and there will never be one ..
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Pavithra HemMom of a 2 m old boy1 day ago
Thing I wish knee before Breastfeeding is ... Breastfeeding is one of the most effective ways to ensure child health & survival.breast milk is idea food for baby ..feeding should started as soon as possible after delivery.. breast milk contains proteins,sugar, vitamins, minerals which helps baby brain development Breast mikl is sterile and which is contain important antibodies it wil protect baby from illness and infection ( ear infection) breastfeeding promote healthy weight gain first milk is called colostrum which is very important immunoglobulin help in seal the baby GI wil prevent baby from digestive problems like NEC in preterm.some people wil tel tht first mik should not give...but it is very important milk to prevent baby from infection and cure disease faster in future.. exclusively breast feeding to be done til 6month and continued.. breast feeding can lower breast cancer risk specially women who feed longer than 1 year.finally mother should stress-free during motherhood ..and eat wel balanced diet and drink more fluid ..proper latching breast during feeding and positions and burping is important
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