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Kanchan tharwaniMom of 2 children1 day ago
it's is a amazing feeling
Nehal shahMom of a 3 m old boy2 days ago
not easy as it sounds trust me..
pooja ghogareMom of 2 children1 month ago
yes it's absolutely correct. new morms suffer with new experience about breastfeeding. my experience was horrible. my little baby was not suck to my breast till 15 days. some time my breast become like stone . I was try to feed him but it always make me unsuccessful mother. I express milk by hand till 15 days... and it was so painful... like someone expressing cow milk... that feeling was so weard.. after 15 days my baby take mymilk by own. the days was very sweet after few month I get pneumonia.. and I went forr covid test. my baby completely depend on my milk. he cry so much for 2 days.. my laws handle him by giving him fm.. but still he cry for me... but at that time my milk supply drop little bit I tried medicine and increasey mill supply on time ,after that now he is suffering with teathing.. so he bites to me a lot. I want to continue breats till 2 year.. but biting is issue now.. so all overall.. breastfeeding is not simple job... women suffered with alot . and it's only for baby
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Priyanka SaikiaMom of a 6 m old girl4 months ago
Sharung my experience with all out here. it was on 26th of aug 2020 i didnt get my baby's movement so called my gyne doc she asked to check my BP it was 160/120 so she asked me to rush immediately to the hospital there after my checkup they said that i have to be admitted as would require a c sec the very next day because of my high BP. so had to do the covid test and to my bad luck i came to be covid positive so was than rushed to the GMCH (guwahati medical college hospital) and on 3rd of sep 2020 i underwent c sec as my water broke. but my baby was covid negative so she was kept in baby ward. i met my baby girl after 6 days. i was discharged after i tested negative that was on the 9th of Sep 2020. after reaching home thought i could easily breastfeed her but my breast were as hard as stone and my baby was crying out of hunger and there i was unable to feed my child. there was no formula milk available at my place. it was a very horrible situation my hubby was standing in d que to get himself tested for covid but with God's grace he tested negative. so at home i was struggling what to do with my newborn. than my sis in law came n finally as there was no other option left at that moment so she had breastfed her milk to my baby. and later when my hubby reached home he brought nan pro 1 and than my baby's pediatrician who happen to be my friend told me to shift to breastfeed completely later. i fed my baby nan pro twice and on that midnight itself after applying some hot water press i could express some breast milk and that way started. but with God's grace my baby was able to suck properly as i made her contact with my breast and from than on till now i dont have any problem. now its like so very easy for me. me and my baby are enjoying our new journey together happily. so m very sure everyone will happily enjoy this wonderful journey.
Yasmin hawaMom of a 5 yr 1 m old girl1 month ago
same thing happens with me
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Community User1 month ago
It's normal to feel self-conscious, embarrassed, or apprehensive the first time you try to breastfeed. If you're concerned about feeling exposed, let your nurse or caregiver know that you would like some privacy. If there are visitors in your room, they can leave while you breastfeed. If you're in a hospital, you can use the privacy curtain. And, if you want to try to breastfeed on your own, you could ask to have some time alone with your baby. Just keep in mind that it may be helpful to have a nurse, a lactation consultant, a doula, or someone else with breastfeeding experience stay with you in the beginning. Be patient, keep trying...
Swapnil ShindeExpecting Father due this month2 months ago
Uma DeviGuardian of a 4 m old girl2 months ago
yes it is difficult as the first time moms as after that everything is easy
kajalMom of a 3 m old girl2 months ago
I thought no one can define thr felling in words bcoz it's a feeling which give clam to heart ( dill ko sukun milta h jb bache ka pet bhrta h)
Vishali Anand2 months ago
no doubts it's challenging bt being a mother I always fell relaxed n hpy when my bby is hpy after taking milk
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