GENDER INEQUALITYGender Bias in Parenting
Bhagya sreeGuardian of a 1 yr 8 m old boy2 days ago
In reality there are people who wishes to have a baby boy child because of certain reasons like inheritance of family,fame name,girl may leave us after certain time but boy stays and looks after us...sometimes it is some belief that's it....But nothing to do with it now. Both have same importance besides both will take care of us in the same way. personally i take care of my parents more after i got married. So no worries to the people who have baby girl.
sanaMom of 2 children2 days ago
no in my family boy or girl difference doesn't matter we love both of them as a same
Sabira GaikwadMom of a 10 m old girl2 days ago
yes it is true some ppl prefer only boy child I hv seen in my family she like boy n not gals 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Community User3 days ago
I have been taking care of mom afer marriage too coz I refuse to follow the social norm. my mother did all the things for me that my husband's mother did so if it's his duty to take care of his mom, so is mine. can't walk away saying I am now settled in my own world. I now have a daughter and I am going to raise her in the same way. All parents deserve care and love, irrespective of which side they belong to.
Kapalavai MallikaMom of a 1 yr 3 m old girl1 week ago
namrathaMom of a 4 m old boy1 week ago
KiranMom of a 1 yr 5 m old girl1 week ago
Yes, in some parts of India this desire to have a Male child exists. Although in most parts, the perception is changing now. I desired a healthy baby (male or female) who would be God-loving and an introspective person. I think there are 2 reasons for desiring a male child - 1) The way a Male child can take up responsibility of protecting the family and giving security to the family, a female child always cannot (some may, but 80% are not able to due to their psycho-physical nature). Here, I'm simply talking in terms of ability and not desire. Desire of female child to take care and protect family members may actually be stronger but if a male child wants he can do more because of his phsycho-physical nature. Male's phsycho-physical nature is of procuring resources and offering physical safety to the family whereas female phsycho-physical nature is of maintaining resources and nurturing the family members. No one is superior or inferior. They are simply different. One is apple, the other is banana. Nature has made them differently for different roles. So that they can work together and bring beauty in life. But unfortunately, people have nowadays made it about competition with one another. 2) Parent's responsibility to protect (worry about) a male child is much less as compared to a female child. As physical threat is always more evident for a female child compared to a Male child. How can this be changed? It can be changed by bringing about an awareness that both female and male child are important in a society and both need protection. So I'll go one by one as I mentioned my reasons differently - 1) Both have equal importance in their roles to play. I don't think any change can be bought by male female competition because that only aggravates the problem. In my opinion, if people understand the value of female child (which to a great extent people are) without demeaning the value of a male child, then true change can be bought. Because in a successful sane society, both male and female of a balanced mind are required. The male is needed to procure resources and the female is needed to nurture and care for the family. Both are needed to work for the family and society as large. This can be possible by love between them and if comparison comes in the picture, love somewhere finds a back seat and then it's all about who's better. So there can't be any comparison because both are different in nature and both are excellent in what they do. They just do things differently. Doesn't have to be right or wrong. 2) Both need protection - In our society, a female is protected as a diamond jewel (kept behind closed cabinates). It is indeed very loving to keep a female child this protected. But even a male child deserves such protection. Child Abuse - one of the biggest problems related to children happen to more males than females (as per statistics). So if people understand their responsibility in protecting the male child as equal to protecting the female child, their perception would change . In short, I think change can be bought by spreading media awareness of all that I have written above and maybe more in this perspective. Right now in our country media and bollywood is very powerful. And if movies and TV serials are made based with this perspective (no comparison/competition, only valuing both for their respective natures and roles), then change can be bought.
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JiniyaExpecting Mom due in 2 months2 weeks ago
need a girl badly and madly
HetalExpecting Mom due in 1 month1 week ago
I am 32 weeks pregnant. yes I also feel that pressure to have baby boy because as per Hindu community we believe baby boy gives you direct way to heaven. for our ancestors soul peace we should at least have one baby boy to carry forward blood and name of forefathers. sad but true.
AyushiTrying To Conceive1 week ago
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