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AkhilaGuardian of a 6 yr 11 m old girl4 days ago
Keep your baby hydrated by increasing the fluid intake. Bathe your baby daily. Massage with virgin coconut oil and after bath apply Sebamed or Cetaphil moisturizing body lotion.
Kavita SharmaMom of a 2 yr 6 m old girl1 week ago
Keep them hydrated. Give them plants of water, coconut water, nimbu paani.
Salma najeebMom of a 6 m old boy1 week ago
My baby7start which baby care use plzzz teel me
Sushma B RMom of a 8 m old girl1 month ago
which baby skin care products are good in summer.. plzzz suggest me
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Harika RaoMom of a 9 m old boy1 month ago
my baby is now 9months old always itching on head,legs stomach very badly his skin is very dry iam using coconut oil also what to do please suggest me
Jeni AndrewGuardian of 2 children1 month ago
if the mother is feeding she should take lots n lots of fruits n water for baby's tummy and for the baby coconut oil massage in outer works well.. for toddlers they can be given lots of fruits n vegetables with plenty of water to stay hydrated
Priya1 month ago
coconut oil
AkankshaMom of a 8 m old boy1 month ago
Mera baby 7 month ka h uske face me always red red small dane es rhte h moisture ki wjha se to kya mai fresh aleo vera jel laga sakte hu uske face me
antimaGuardian of a 3 yr 9 m old girl1 month ago
my baby 4yrs old ..which cream I use?
Nasrin AzazMom of a 6 m old boy3 months ago
In reply to mahato Ram
My baby is not even one month old but , showing pimples in her face what should be???
This happened with my baby also.Need not worry about it. It is possible the oil or lotion which you are using may not be suitable for your baby, try changing the product. As babies skin is soft Massage gently. Avoid loyi for few days.
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