GENDER INEQUALITYGender Bias in Parenting
Alina Arvin DszMom of a 7 m old boy1 day ago
Both genders are equal.... Boy or girl doesn't matter.. Its our baby... Babies are innocent.. We have take of them either boy or girl.. We shd love them
Nupur GuptaMom of 2 children1 week ago
some parents deffirentiate the girls and boys ...but it is not true.. both r same too me.. because we feel same pain to both ,so why we differentiate the kids ...he is a boy or she is a girl...
Monicka MMom of a 7 m old boy1 week ago
Girl or Boy - No difference to me - my only thinking is My baby, my baby and my all.
RanjiniMom of a 6 m old boy1 week ago
No difference except physical appearance. As a good logical parent definitely should give education to there kid's no matter boy or girl so till education completion expenditure is same. After that as a parent of new thinking should think if we grow up our kid's with good behavior n good character then boy or girl doesn't matter at all they know how take care further. So no more worries our main job is till education n teach them how to be good human.
Akshara BagewadiMom of a 1 yr old girl4 months ago
Having a girl is a blessing who is emotionally attached and understand everyone as she grows, where as boys may or may not... Some people are of the mind set that they bring up the girl and send her to someone else's house, so it a sort of loss where as son will look after them in their old age.
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prernaa mathurGuardian of a 10 m old girl2 months ago
it dnt matter at. all especially a law should pass for those who torcher their daughter in laws for baby boy or pota hi chahye vala sentence. i faced it the entire preg. no one helped. every day beti hogi kya tumahre to beti lagra hai ultransound m my mil predict gender nd was telling my fil ladka hi higa mane to neche Ka hissa dekh hai i hsve her from d bottom nd den she was like pachtaogi beti paida ki hai my daughter is 7 mnths onky nd my mil started the chant of 2nd baby. just one ques. dusra bacha b ladki ho to kya 3-4-5-6 kare or vo b ladki ho to. i got dream of a baby girl always nd on day one my husband said beti hi honi chahye.. arar kl ko beti hi ni hongi to fr to sabke ghar ldke matlab duniya khatam. udte log beti k naam p h paise beti k leje khate h beta hote hue b pr chahte pita. chu itsva matter of choti soch only.
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SaloniMom of a 2 yr old boy8 months ago
ppl say or not, but mostly all wants boy as first child. Its only a mother to whom it doesn't matters if it's boy or girl
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Sumayya JavadMom of 3 children7 months ago
My mother in law once said that I'm unlucky that's why I gave birth to a daughter. But I'm happy to have 100 daughters if they are healthy
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amitFather of a 2 yr 6 m old girl1 month ago
In reply to Saloni
ppl say or not, but mostly all wants boy as first child. Its only a mother to whom it doesn't matters if it's boy or girl
My hubby prayed so much that we should have a baby girl and god gifted us and uth an angel girl baby ❤️
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Ritu giriGuardian of a 9 m old boy2 months ago
but when I was pregnant i want baby girl first
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