GENDER INEQUALITYGender Bias in Parenting
neha kumarExpecting Mom due in 1 month1 week ago
A healthy baby is what matters the most
Ravi KumarFather of a 2 yr 2 m old girl3 weeks ago
no matter a boy and a girl equal.
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Sarika BansalMom of a 1 yr 10 m old girl3 weeks ago
khyati patelMom of a 1 yr 10 m old boy3 weeks ago
I don't think it even matters anymore to anybody.. the best thing about today's time is that any gender may it be a boy or a girl both of them are equally welcomed and greeted.. infact I myself being a daughter to a parent I can say girls are more caring and emotional for their parents and lucky are those parents who have a girl child in there life..
Hafsa NoorMom of a 9 m old girl2 months ago
By looking at the child's smile forget all the worries whether it may be a girl or a boy.. It's just the stupid thinking of people... A girl can be said both " BETA n BETI" n she actually deserves it
Monika KumariMom of a 2 m old girl4 weeks ago
I prayed for a girl child. and I luckily got the girl child. but she is very dark in color. me and my husband is in lighter shade. Now, I am regretting why I prayed for girl child. she is very dark. A boy will not be judged for darker shade whereas the girl child is judged by the society for her shade and looks😣
shubhangi chandrakant patilMom of a 10 m old girl1 month ago
In reply to Deepika Anand
Yes, I also faced this. I have daughter who is nine month old . When my relatives meet my daughter they didn't show Love or attachments rather then this they said that your daughter have curly hair so your next child would be son. But thing is that I and my better half were not planning for second child in our future. But society pushes us for other child. We are happy with baby girl. Many of my relatives told that girl child is burdan for whole life. Is this is true... I think people forget that there mother also a female. I really disappointed when a women itself have this opinion. she didn't equalize baby boy and a baby girl. In my pregnancy month my in laws were planning functions for baby boy this would be done etc etc . when my daughter born within 24 hours all the opinions were changed and all had decided that no functions were done... This is practical world . I means what my daughter did to them .But I and my husband decided to give all the happiness to my daughter she laughs seeing us ...she loves us with no conditions... baby is girl or boy doesn't matter.. All matters is mind and thinking of a persons
I too faced this but nobody says directly their lack of affection says all .
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DarshnaMom of a 5 m old boy1 month ago
It really doesnt matter i am mother of a boy but i wanted a girl child (but i do love my baby💙)…. I think things are going in a different way now… In coming few years there will be gender inequality against boys and not girls…!!
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Ayesha AshrafMom of a 3 m old girl4 weeks ago
We really hoped for a girl..and we are blessed with a girl..but a lota of people when learnt about my daughter..they were like...yaa it's good...whatever we are given its good ...n a lots of people when heard they were like...'oohhh jaaa' time you will have a boy.
Sarika BansalMom of a 1 yr 10 m old girl4 weeks ago
yes its matters..not by parents but by the socity
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