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How to keep Baby occupied all day?
Some days it's a big challenge to keep baby occupied all the day long.Dear Parents share ideas on how to keep baby occupied all the day?
rukayya Mom of a 6 m old girl 3 days ago
keep baby safe nd avoid to use ifront of them mobail tv nd ect. as possible invest ur time wit them teach them to talk and play and show them animal and birds near by u
Neha Gautam Mom of 2 children 1 month ago
Let them do whatever they feel like but always keep a watch. Give toys, don't spoon feed instead let them learn how to eat by starting giving small snacks which are easy to digest. Don't force to do anything; let them be kids. My kids are busy doing stuff the whole day, but they prefer to stay near me, and I always have a watch on them as my entire day is so busy. Setting some boundaries are must like touching switches, playing with door etc. teach them the basic things and let them be kids and always keep a watch and let them play.
Priyanka Mom of a 9 m old boy 2 months ago
Children are super active now a days. What you do, they will copy you. Firstly it’s better we parents should keep gadgets away, so that they don’t get attracted towards it. Secondly give time to your child. Talk to him, sing few rhymes, tell few stories and keep them engage with their toys. Give them knowledge about different sound effects (animals, birds, vehicles, clock, utensils and so on.)
I am a mother of 6 months old baby boy, my child gets attracted to the things surrounded to us. If I read, he is interested too. If I eat, he is interested too. Music, toys and attracting pictures keeps my baby busy.
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mausam jha Mom of a 1 yr 3 m old boy 2 weeks ago
I am mother of 15 month old keep him engage we have bought two pet birds and rabbits...he plays with them and also his emotional values will increase and he will love animals
Neha Mom of a 4 m old boy 4 days ago
In reply to stuti asthana
Starting from what age we can give screen time to our babies.. My 4 month old is very much interested in mobile, TV n laptops.
i m also 4 months old baby boy mom. please dnt show laptops tv and mobile to the baby this is harmful.right now.
ap ye sb chize ussey dur rakhiye instead try to speak with your baby a lot. sing poems , tell stories , take a walk in the morning and evening with your baby. whenever u feed your baby or at the time of bath speak with your baby by singing poems and different sounds effects like cat dog voice horn voice and all but by your own mouth with eye contact with your baby.
vo abi leave kr dega fir all tv laptop and mobiles
Naha Rifarefin Mom of a 2 yr 1 m old girl 1 week ago
my baby don't like eating 😭.only play like in water, rain,balls,and another toys
Naha Rifarefin Mom of a 2 yr 1 m old girl 1 week ago
my baby don't like eating 😭.only play like in water, rain,balls,and another toys
Swati R Kumar Mom of a 1 yr 11 m old girl 1 month ago
I start my day with her and Complete my day with her... When she is sleeping that time I prepare food and after that normal routine and and playing time and talking with her when she urge to do something so I busy her in some work like. Where is her soft toys name wisee I asked and she come with them and yes parts of body name, my spectacles, phone and TV and her games like xylophone, drum, piono, Block... And so on so she don't have time to urges. And learn new thing also...