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Good Touch v/s Bad Touch
Ronak Pratik Dani As soon as your child starts understanding your language, you must start with mini lessons. If your child is with someone else for long hours everyday, you should ask them to imitate the caretaker when they change their diaper, or when they play with them. There is no harm in telling how to say no when a third person is trying to be physical. Like, a one and half year old can be taught how to say no or how to shout when anyone other than parents tries to touch them forcefully. And ask the child frequently about his or her likes and dislikes about nearby people. Since abuse is very likely to create a negative feeling in them, it is quick to catch if a child is persistently telling no for a particular person. It is all about staying alert. Older cousins, uncles, drivers, household help, guards, or anyone could be causing it. For kids going to school, try to make them more independent in toiletting activities so that they don’t seek help regularly. Repeat short lessons about safety, not talking to strangers, and keeping oneself in company of teachers and friends always and telling mumma if he or she feels hurt about any behaviour.



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