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-Saru Sharma (Mom of a Baby Boy)

wonders why moms love pampers

Best Diaper so far

Pampers premium care pants are really good for babies delicate skin.They prevent baby’s skin from rashes. The best thing about this diaper is wetness indicator turns blue..These diapers prevent leakage and I really liked it for my baby.They are really soft and light weight. These diapers provide softness and proper comfort to baby. Diapers are as soft as cotton and its softness prevents rashes.The diapers are worth to buy.I would recommend all Mommies to go for this new range for your babies as.
these are the best diapers I have used soo far..

user review-Sudikhsha

Diapers with Extra Care

I just love these diapers. They are coming with extra care as the babies’ skin is very sensitive. What I liked the most is the cotton like softness of this diaper and the design is so apt for the babies that it is allowing air flow for breathable dryness. Also, the disposable tape provided is the added advantage because instead of searching any newspaper/polythene to wrap a used diaper, we can now just use the same diaper tape to bind that diaper.

user review-Shweta Sharma

Happy with the Product

I am very happy to use this product. It fits very comfortably and is easy to wear being in ‘Pants’ form. It absorbs well and the best thing is that it does not feel heavy even after long use.

user review-Laxmi sawant

Comfortable with Perfect Fitting

I am using Pampers for my daughter since she was born. This pampers that I recieved from firstcry seems very new and fresh. Perfectly fits her and seems to be comfortable till now but it will take few more days to understand the product more.

User Review-Nidhi Paranjpe

Super Soft & Absorbent

I have used it for both my kids and always trusted them with it. Pampers is my favorite because it is super soft and very absorbent and more so for night time as my little one is a light sleeper(so I can’t put any other diaper otherwise he wakes up a lot more). So for the best comfort for both my babies I use only Pampers.

user review-Ajita Singh

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Dr. Indu Jain (MD, Pediatrics)

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