Cedric Name Meaning

  • Name :cedric
  • Meaning :bounty,cedric how to a girl's name is pronounced sed-rik. it is the old english origin, and the meaning of cedric is "art and i loved it". the name was invented by sir walter scott for the character cedric of rotherwood in the book "ivanhoe" (1819). it seems to be cerdic, the traditional name of the founder of the kingdom of wessex. cerdic was a saxon, and his name would be also of origin in germanic, although it is not certain. but cedric may also, in connection with the welsh name cedrych meaning "pattern of bounty". the name later acquired a "sissy" image via cedric errol fauntleroy, long-haired, velvet-suited young hero of frances hodgson burnetts 1886 novel "little lord fauntleroy". see also kedrick. the actor sir cedric hardwicke; cedric comedian.,creates name,generous and kind character,love
  • Gender :Boy
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