Zoe Name Meaning and Origin

The name Zoe is unique and trendsetting. The name appeared in the 1880s; however, it didn’t last long in the popularity list. The name rose to fame from 1990 onwards and has been consistently on the upwards curve. This beautiful name with a serene meaning is an excellent name choice for your baby girl.


What Does Zoe Mean?

Most of the time, parents name their children by determining their meaning. The meaning of Zoe is “life” or “alive.” The name’s meaning has biblical roots since the name signifies life given by Christ who believes in the gospel. The name has been used 125 times in the Bible; therefore, the name has a symbolic reference. Due to this, this name is widely popular among Christians, although it has been used in diverse religions.  


The name Zoe has multiple origins. It comes of Greek and French origin. This name is translated to the Hebrew name Eve, as per Alexandrian Jews in the 3rd century. Also, the name was of two saints martyred under Emperor Hadrian and Diocletian. It was also the name of an ancient empress in the Byzantine Empire during the 11th century. 





  • Zoh-eh
  • Zo-ee


2 syllables


3 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

A name can have different variations all over the world. It denotes the trend of the name across different cultures and religions. The other spellings for Zoe indicate the diverse variety of the name. Therefore, some Zoe name variations include:


Name Origin
Zowie English
Zoey English
Zoya Belarusian, Bulgarian, Russian, and Ukrainian
Zoie English
Zoja Latvian, Croatian, Slovene, and Lithuanian
Zeva Hebrew
Zoi Greek
Zoee Greek
Zooey Greek
Zoé Hungarian and French

How Popular Is the Name Zoe?

The name Zoe became increasingly popular in the 1920s. Before this period, the name did not rank in the top 200. The Zoe popularity index suggests that the name trend became popular in 2000. As per the data collected from the Social Security Administration, the name Zoe entered the top 100 girl name list from 2000 by ranking 82. After this, the name experienced a positive curve leading to its increase in rank in the US. The name ranked 60 in 2002, followed by 57 in 2003 and 54 in 2004.


According to the SSA data, the Zoe baby name ranking slightly declined in 2005, ranking 58. However, the name quickly increased in rank and entered the top 50 girl name list in 2009. The name ranked 31 consecutively in 2010, 2011, and 2013. The name slightly declined in the last five years by ranking 41 in 2017 and 20 in 2018. The name ranked 41 once again in 2020. Despite the decline, the name has maintained a consistent position in the top 50 names and therefore has the chance to enter the top 10 name list in the future. 


Interest in Zoe – Worldwide

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The interest in the name Zoe across the world has remained consistent over the last decade. Its rank has been over 45, and it reached its highest popularity during September 2011 and August 2014. Over the years, the name has maintained its position within rank 70. 


Interest in Zoe – US

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Zoe’s name has remained popular in the last ten years in the US. The name has a rank over 30, and its interest peaked the most in September 2011. Although a slight decrease in the name’s popularity is observed, the name has significant scope for an upward trend in the future. 


Popularity of the name Zoe 


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Zoe – Worldwide


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The top five countries where the search trends of the name Zoe rank the highest are Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. The popularity of the name trend in these counties in the last decade signifies it as one of the most used names.


Search trends of Zoe – US

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The search trends for Zoe are the highest in New York, the District of Columbia, California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. The search trend was the highest in these cities for the last ten years. 


Middle Names That Go With Zoe

Middle names often have significant relevance. They might be an ode to historical figures or names of ancestors. Selecting such middle names can be in honor of such people. Therefore, some suitable double names with Zoe are:


Elizabeth Catherine
Adriana Alexandra
Esther Allison
Mackenzie Loraine
Francesca Grace
Marie Diana
Emily Evelyn
Victoria Georgia
Fiona Miriam
Natasha Andrea

Famous People Named Zoe

The influence of celebrities quite often determines the popularity of a name. Famous people impact this upward and downward trend of a name. Therefore, some of the celebrities named Zoe are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Zoe Saldana American actress
Zoë Kravitz American actress, singer, and model
Zoë Wanamaker American-born British actress
Zoe Lister-Jones American actress, producer, director, and writer
Zoe Naylor Australian actress and journalist
Zoe Kazan American actress, playwright, and screenwriter
Zoe Caldwell Australian actress
Zoe Hardman British television presenter and actress
Zoe Muppet character on Sesame Street
Zoë Alleyne Washburne Character on Firefly

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Zoe have multiple name variations across different cultures. It denotes the significance of the name in different countries. This list comprises some of the other names for Zoe along with family names for Zoe:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Ava Spencer
Vivienne Grange
Liv Miller
Eva Dalton
Moxie Mongomery
Bria Hart
Vida Jones
Eve Henry
Vivi Fitz
Bibiana Salvatore

Names That Sound Like Zoe

Rhyming names are sometimes quirky and can prove to be excellent name choices. There are numerous similar-sounding names like Zoe. Some of the most popular names that rhyme with Zoe include:

Chloe Josie
Riley Rosy
Avery Reverie
Lily Kaya
Noorie Penelope
Esme Naomi
Louise Leanne
Hailey Daniela
Bethany Elaina

Sibling Names Related to Zoe

Selecting suitable sibling names that go with Zoe is important. It helps in maintaining consistency among your children’s names. It might help in strengthening the bond between the siblings. Hence, some of the sister names for Zoe and brother names for Zoe are presented in this list:

Sister Names for Zoe Brother Names for Zoe
Mia Milo
Eliza Eden
Laila Lucas
Dina Dylan
Ginny Grey
Aria Austin
Olivia Owen
Harper Hudson
Nova Nathan
Peyton Parker

Nicknames for Zoe

Nicknames form a crucial part of our childhood. They become an important part of our identity since test friends or parents often lovely give them. Some of the one-of-a-kind nicknames for Zoe are:


Zo Zozo
Zoebird Zoella
Ziggy Zola
Zuzi Zowi
Zee Zoeh
Zo-bear Zi
Zozzie Zim
Zony Zanna

The name Zoe has been gaining rapid popularity in the last decade. It has been growing up in the girl name ranks and is currently among the top 50 names in the US. The name’s popularity is fueled by its beautiful meaning. As a result, it is a great name choice for your young ones.


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