Your toddler is ill, what do you do?

Your Toddler is ill, What Do You Do?

It’s natural to feel scared when your toddler falls ill. Your instinct is to make sure your baby gets all the aid he needs and you may run to the doctor the minute something goes wrong. However, not all situations require a trip to the doctor! So, what should you do?

When it comes to toddlers, they are an active bunch! They are immensely prone to falls and injury, insect bites and stings from bees – situations that can make nervous wrecks out of any parent.However, it is important to know when the situation is an emergency, and when it can be fixed with a simple home remedy. Find out the right way to do it with our short quiz.

Answer the questions below by picking one option – a, b or c – as your answer. Note your options in a piece of paper. Once you’re done, scroll right to the bottom and find what your answers reveal. All the best.

1. Our Toddler Complains of a Sore Throat, and His Tonsils are Bright Red, Swollen, and Has White Spots. What Do You Do?

a. Call your pediatrician immediately
b. Give your child a children’s painkiller to take the edge off the pain, and make an appointment to see your doctor the next day
c. Give your child aspirin and make an appointment to see your doctor

2. Your 18 Month Old Found a Bean and Stuck It Way Up His Nose. What Do You Do?

a. Call your pediatrician’s office and get them to fix the situation
b. Try to get it out with a Q-tip or tweezers
c. Go to the emergency room

3. Your 2 Year Old’s Cheeks Look As If They’ve Been Slapped and Have a Slightly Raised Red Rash On Them. What Do You Do?

a. Let him follow his normal routine
b. Keep him away from other children until the rash disappears
c. Call your doctor immediately

4. Your 2 Year Old is Suffering from a Bad Case of Diarrhea, But Looks Playful and Happy. What Do You Do?

a. Cut back on fruit and fruit juices
b. Give him an anti-diarrheal medicine
c. Call the pediatrician immediately

5. Your 2 Year Old Grabs a Cup of Hot Coffee Off the Table and It Spills on Himself. He Screams in Pain as a Red Burn (That Looks Like a Sunburn) About the Size of a Quarter Wells Up on His Arm. What Do You Do?

a. Give him a children’s painkiller for the pain and put an antiseptic lotion on the burn
b. Put ice on the burned areas
c. Rush him to the hospital

6. Your Normally Regular 15 Month Old Hasn’t Pooped in Days. What Do You Do?

a. Cut back on dairy products and give him more fruit to eat
b. Give him a laxative to help move things along
c. Call your pediatrician immediately

7. Your Toddler Develops Blisters on His Hands and Feet, and In His Mouth. He Cries From the Pain and Won’t Eat Anything, and Develops a Temperature. What Do You Do?

a. Apply warm compresses to the blisters until they pop
b. Give him a children’s painkiller for the pain and check in with your pediatrician
c. Take him to the emergency room for treatment

8. Your Toddler Wakes Up One Morning With a Red Pimple-Like Bump On His Eyelid. What Do You Do?

a. Apply a warm washcloth to his eye several times a day
b. Try to squeeze or pop the bump
c. Call the doctor immediately

9. Your Toddler Starts Suffering from Nausea and Diarrhea Wakes Up in the Middle of the Night. What Do You Do?

a. Give him an electrolyte/hydrating solution for kids
b. Give him anti-nausea medicine to calm the queasiness
c. Call your doctor

10. Your Toddler Has a Blocked Nose Due to Which He Can’t Sleep Properly. What Do You Do?

a. Loosen up the mucus in his nose by squirting a nasal saline solution into his nose and then suction it out with a bulb syringe
b. Give your child a decongestant to clear up his nose
c. Call your doctor for an antibiotic


1. Mostly A’s

Correct! You seem to have all the right answers! You are the kind of mom who has read up on every possible illness and is prepared for her baby’s every need!

2. Mostly B’s

Not bad! You are a cool mom, who knows the basics. But you have a tendency to medicate your child at home, which can be harmful if not approved by a doctor! maybe you need to consult your pediatrician more often!

3. Mostly C’s

Calm down! You are concerned and overprotective, and this makes you treat every illness as an emergency! Research some of the basic cures and home care with the help of your pediatrician, and save yourself the trips to the emergency room!

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