You Won't Believe How One Mom Made This Stunning Play-Kitchen

You Won’t Believe How One Mom Made This Stunning Play-Kitchen

Moms are super-women. They can make a wound heal with a hug, repair a bad mood with a smile, and create craft magic that even Harry Potter would find difficult! If you’re wondering where to get this beautiful kitchen-set for your little one, here’s your answer – at home!

Who needs a store-bought playset when brilliance can be created at home? A mom from the Philippines, Rodessa Villanueva-Reyes, wanted her daughter to have a life-like kitchen set to play around in. Instead of hitting the nearest store, she decided to collect whatever materials she could get at home. Then began the construction of this miniature kitchen that we swear we would love to cook in as well!

Check out the step-by-step DIY below so you can embark on your own kitchen-set journey very soon. We promise one thing – this is surely a permanent goodbye to throwing out your cardboard boxes!

Cardboard Magic in The Kitchen – A Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Rodessa collected all the cardboard boxes lying around at home and from her friends. Then, she lined them up in a kitchen-like outline, cutting and taping wherever required to create doors, oven-glass and counter-tops.


2. Here’s her little one already happy with the cardboard kitchen. Little does she know that Mamma is now going to spray some pixie-dust!


3. Mom and Dad proceeded to use vinyl sticker and white cartolina paper to cover-up the boxes. You can use any card paper you find, and pick colours of your choice.


4. It was then time for the toys from old kitchen-sets and doll-houses to take position in the grand kitchen. She used ice-cream cones, play utensils, pots and pans, play-phone, laptop, and even some houseplants. After all, the little kitchen-queen should be well equipped in her den!

The extremely realistic sink was made using an old baking pan. You could use any old utensil available. And guess what? The faucet is actually an empty hand-soap bottle. Ingenious!


5. But wait, how will our tiny chef know it’s all her territory? Mom printed out a signage saying “Audrey’s Cafe & Restaurant” using illustration board, and pasted it with glue.


6. And, ladies and gents, drumroll! Presenting the Queen Chef in her new-and-shiny kitchen that looks good enough to spend all day in. We wonder what’s cooking!


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