Signs That Prove You and Your Sister Are The Same

You or You? 5 Funny Ways You’re Actually Your Sister!

“Oh, I thought it’s your sister!” Are you tired of relatives constantly saying this and commenting on how alike you both are? Well, you surely have a mirror image in your life. These amusing signs prove that you and your sister are the same – but of course you aren’t.

When was the last time you heaved a sigh of relief when identified correctly in a family gathering? Pretty recently, we are sure. With you and your sister looking and behaving alike, the chances of your getting due recognition (literally speaking) are remote. It’s time to enjoy the mirror image that’s so close to your heart with these funny signals that get people confused!

What’s The Problem? Yes, I Look Like My Sister!

1. Like Two Peas in a Pod

One of the biggest signs that point to the uncanny resemblance you share with your sister is when people think she’s you or vice versa. Confused? Well, that’s exactly what your friends, relatives, peers and even neighbours are! No matter what you say, they will keep going on and on about how your smile lines are the same or your eyebrows tilt the same way. Mistaken identity troubles? Tell me about it, you say.

2. You Both Sound the Same Too!

Can you beat this? The voice on your answering machine speaks the same way as hers. Once you realise that you share similar vocal intonations, you somehow start whispering, singing or shrieking your sister’s way. You end up using the same exclamations on the dining table too! These are the signs that prove you and your sister are same and make others ask, “C’mon, who’s who?”

You both sound the same too

3. Similar Tastes and Passions

You dislike girls blowing kisses your way, so does she. Your sister loves yellow flowers blooming on her window sill, so do you. You both love camping, hanging out on railway tracks, playing Hide and Seek with the kids…the list is endless. With so many common likes and dislikes between you, do you still think you’re different? “Yes”, you’ll say, “It’s just that we grew up together.” Oh well.

4. Compatibility or Coincidence?

You arrive at a friend’s party all dressed up to look different and there you see your sister chatting away in the same outfit – oops! You both text the same hilarious messages on WhatsApp. At a karaoke night, your sister chooses to sing the same lyrics that you’d been rehearsing for your turn. Raise your eyebrows if you must, but these signs will send out signals that you are both the same, and how!

5. Hairdos for Two

Your sister and you decide on visiting a common hairdresser and emerge from your seats looking all the more similar. Blame it on the same hair colour or type. You use the same leave-ons for fixing errant strands in place and also tie your buns the same way. The good part is that there is so much you can share with her, right from mom tales to hair care woes.

There’s a lot of fun in having someone in your life who looks as good as you, and behaves the same way too. So what if you always need to explain who’s who? After all, you and your sister don’t need any explanations with each other!

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