Signs of a Happy and Healthy Relationship

You Know You’re in a Cherished Relationship When…..

It’s rightly been said that it’s easy to get into a relationship but difficult to maintain it. After all, relationships must be nurtured well to make the bond grow stronger. Here are a few signs of a healthy relationship. Read on to see if your’s makes it through.

Being in a loving relationship can truly be a blessing. However, not everyone is fortunate to have a loving and caring partner. If your man makes you feel oh-so-special, you know you have it good. The signs of a good relationship are loud and clear to anybody in one. You’re blessed if your marriage makes the cut!

You are in a Good Relationship with Your Husband If …

1. He Makes you Feel at Ease

Do you feel completely relaxed with him? Can you discuss just about anything without hesitation and he listens to what you say? If you’ve answered yes, it’s a sure sign that you have what is a healthy love relationship. People are willing to listen to someone only when they’re interested in them.

2. He’s not Jealous, but Encouraging

If your husband isn’t jealous of your success and achievements, but encourages you to work hard to realise your dreams, it’s another sign of a healthy relationship. Some men can get jealous and lose self-esteem if their wives achieve success. If yours doesn’t, he’s special and you’re lucky!

3. He Supports You in Your Hour of Need

Your husband is a gem if he acts as a pillar of strength when you need him, and stands by your side during hard times. It’s when the going gets tough that people can abandon one another, so this is a testament of his love.

4. He Appreciates You

A good husband and wife relationship rests on how much you appreciate the good in each other. If your husband lets you know that he values your presence in his life and doesn’t take you for granted, you have it good.

5. He Loves Spending Time with You

If he manages to spare time for you despite his hectic schedule, that means he loves being with you and enjoys your company. Let him know you feel the same way too by surprising him with his favourite food or slipping on some sexy lingerie from time to time.

6. He Understands the Importance of Space

Even though you love each other dearly and want to be together all day long, you need to give each other space. If your partner isn’t one to crowd you because he’s insecure and he knows the importance of having ‘me time’, it’s a sign of a happy relationship.

The next time you doubt your relationship, keep these indicators in mind. Just like how it takes two hands to clap, a cherished marriage also depends on the efforts of both parties. If your husband always shows you how much he cares, put in equal efforts to nurture your relationship with him.

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