Yoga for Pain Management – Back, Neck, Spine & Stomach

Yoga Magic: One Pain Killer For 5 Common Pains

Yes, it is glorious to get married to a loving man, become mom to the world’s cutest baby and feel gratified when you manage to juggle work and home. However, there’s no denying that being a woman can also be extremely taxing! Women endure menstrual cramps, pregnancy back pains, cervical spine and neck pains, you name it. One silver bullet said to ease these pains is Yoga, thus making it worth trying!


Yoga, an ancient form of exercise, has been embraced by many as a source of solace and fitness. Though yoga poses have various levels of difficulty and may not suit everyone alike, the basic essence works for all: relax, focus and let go. When hit by a pain of womanhood the next time, consider giving a thought to how yoga can make being a woman easier.

5 Common Pains of Womanhood Yoga Can Cure

1. Menstrual Cramps

Who isn’t familiar with the distressing abdominal and pelvic pain so characteristic of the monthly menstrual cycle? Well, some amount of cramping seems a fixture for most women. But you’ll be surprised to know that the potency of yoga for menstrual pain relief can strengthen your body to alleviate period pain! What’s more, practising yoga for pain relief during periods also gives you a calmer mind to build resistance and not be down in the dumps.

2. Back Pains

Women and back pains are hard to separate, especially if you have a little one in the womb! Pregnancy back aches are very common and caused by your growing belly that pulls your abdominal muscles forward. Yoga for back pain is recommended to build flexibility in your muscles and give you a better posture that ultimately reduces the incidence of pain.

3. Cervical Spine and Neck Pain

Long hours at work followed by running after baby can leave your spine and neck muscles strained and frayed. Women are highly prone to developing aches around these areas and this can often become a deep-seated issue. Yoga pain management for cervical neck pain can come to your aid here and keep your muscles alive and kicking. The mindful rest and light exercise of yoga is what does the trick.

4. Headaches

Does your headache force you to hit the sack early, much to the dismay of hubby? Well, women around the world suffer from headaches brought on by stress, migraine, lack of sleep or hormonal imbalance. Yoga, by virtue of its de-stressing powers, has been proven to allay a headache and also reduce the chances of future headaches. Since a problematic neck area often builds headaches, yoga for neck and shoulder pain can also be your best buddy!

5. Emotional Turmoil

Possibly the most painful of the lot, emotional turmoil affects millions of women worldwide. You are stressed out in your relationship, your children are being trying and the household seems continually at loggerheads. When at an emotional low, yoga can rejuvenate you and bring you long-lasting peace. It charges your energy centres and helps you focus on what you should embrace and what you should discard from your life. Try making yoga for pain management a regular part of your schedule; it really helps build your emotional strength over time.

Yoga doesn’t ask for much, but helps you a lot – right from yoga for muscle cramps to yoga for mood swings! All you need to do is pick up some basic poses and take out some time (we admit this can be difficult, but it’s worth the trouble). You can either join a yoga class or try out simple poses like “Tree” and “Mountain” together with your family. Watch your journey of womanhood become easier, if not completely pain-free!

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