4 Yoga Poses To Boost Your Immune System

Yoga Exercises to Boost your Immune System

Improve your body’s immunity against diseases by giving a boost to your immune system. Explore the world of yoga to learn about the many benefits it can offer you in leading a healthier, happier life. Read on to get the lowdown on a few yogasanas that would help you improve your body’s immunity and get started on your way to good health! Best part? You don’t need fancy gym equipment or expensive sports gear – find yourself a yoga mat and you’re ready!

It’s pretty much a given that you need to have a healthy immune system to lead a healthy life. A lot of factors pose a threat to your body including pollution, stress, and an improper diet. But wait – how to improve immune system by yoga, then? Well, you can boost your body’s defense mechanism by incorporating yoga into your life to strengthen your immune system. There are a number of yoga postures that improve immunity by flushing out toxins and by helping vital organs perform seamlessly. Go through our list of yogasanas that will help you build a strong immune system with some simple steps to get you started.

Yoga Poses to Boost Immune System

While most of us take up yoga because it helps in weight loss, did you know that certain yoga exercises can boost your immune system too? Given below are a few yoga postures for better immunity.

1. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose):

Bhujangasana aids your digestive system and cleanses your body of toxins, which makes it one of the best poses of yoga for immunity power. It also boosts your lung capacity and helps them function better.

  • Lie face down on a yoga mat.
  • Stretch your legs, while keeping your heels together
  • Place your hands palms down near your chest.
  • Breathe in and stretch backwards and upwards up to your navel.
  • Hold your breath and count to ten.
  • Exhale and return slowly to your original position.

2. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose):

Dhanurasana is extremely beneficial in improving blood circulation and in maintaining a healthy white blood cell count – this in turn ensures your immunity stays high. It is also one of the best restorative yoga poses that helps maintain your overall fitness levels.

  • Lie face down on a yoga mat with hands on your side and legs stretched out.
  • Bend your knees to bring your feet close to your buttocks.
  • Breathe in and hold your ankles by stretching backwards.
  • Push up your head and chest.
  • Stretch backwards – but do this carefully, so you don’t exert your back.
  • Hold your breath and count to 10.
  • Breathe out and return to your original position.

3.  Sethu Bhandasana (Bridge Pose):

This yoga pose to boost the immune system, concentrates on your thymus and stimulates it; which in turn improves your body’s mechanism to combat infections. It can also improve your blood circulation and strengthen the lungs.

  • Lie on your back with your hands on your sides.
  • Bend your knees to place them at 90 degrees to the mat and keep the soles of your feet pressed firmly on your mat.
  • Breathing in, push up your pelvis and chest and balance yourself with support from your hands and feet.
  • Hold your breath and count to 10.Sethu
  • Exhale, relax and return to your original posture.


4. Ardhachakrasana (Half-wheel Pose):

This yoga exercise improves the working of your thyroid and pituitary glands, which boost your energy levels while helping your muscles relax. It is always recommended when you’re starting with a regime of yoga for immune system.

  • Lie down on your back facing the ceiling.
  • Keep your heels parallel on a wall with feet hip width apart. Balance your body using your head and heels and push your body upwards.
  • Breathe in and count up to 10.
  • Exhale and slowly return to your original pose.

      Over time, yoga has gained popularity the wrld over and proved to be extremely beneficial in fighting        diseases and in improving the overall health of regular practicioners. Train yourself with these basic          yoga poses for your immune system to improve your body’s disease fighting mechanism, and to stay        healthy and fit naturally.

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