Indian Women's Cricket Team Win a Billion Hearts | Women's Cricket World Cup 2017

#WWC17Final: Eleven Women, One Tournament Lost, But a Billion Hearts Won!

The Indian Women’s Cricket Team’s performance at the recently concluded Women’s World Cup 2017 has ignited the spark within Indians to give the love and support that these women deserve!

If you’ve been living under a rock, we’ve got some brilliant news for you! The Indian Women’s Cricket Team made it to the finals of the Women’s World Cup 2017! While they did lose the final to three time world champs, England, they won a billion hearts with the display they put on! And it’s time we appreciate their achievements and their world-class display despite the hurdles they face – hurdles non-existent in the world of men’s cricket! From Mithila Raj to Jhulan Goswami, these are women that India needs to celebrate – it’s long overdue! And by the looks of it, India has finally started doing just that with social media flooded with love for them!

Indian Women’s Cricket Team Garner Support from Across India

1. From Superstars…

2. …To sport stars,

3. From Indian Fans

4. …To International Friends,

5. Even the Prime Minister of India had a word of support for the team!

6. Despite the loss, some took it as a good sign,

7. With others adding in about the inspiration these women are for future generations!

After Sindhu made silver – people were lining up for badminton coaching for their daughters. I hope this happens with cricket now.

— Aparna Jain (@Aparna) July 23, 2017

8. We couldn’t agree more Mr Jadeja!

 As for the loss of the world cup, Mithila Raj’s reaction to losing the World Cup broke many hearts but she should hold her head high and be proud – she’s set the stage for a whole generation of girls to go for this glory! It’s high time we move on from “It’s a gentleman’s game” or “Only boys play sports” and encourage our little girls to take up sports as well! Mithila Raj and the Women’s Cricket Team of Indian are proof of just how far girls can go! While we may say that we don’t discriminate between our daughters and sons, gender bias exists even in our privileged world and we need to mind the gap starting today!

We are so proud of you, India’s Daughters! Wishing you all the best for future tournaments – and remember that we will be rooting for you!

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