Female Urination Device That Helps to Stand & Pee in Unhygienic Toilets!

Women Can Now Stand and Pee With PeeBuddy in Unhygienic Toilets!

Indian women are reaching new heights each day. Gone are the days when we were confined to the four walls of the house, spending hours in the kitchen, and never venturing out. Nothing holds us back anymore – not frowning neighbours, not pregnancy, not motherhood, not the fear-mongers. Or is that so? We spoke to our fellow women and it turns out that there IS something that is still holding us back from moving freely outdoors. And it is something we shy away from discussing.

When on-the-go, one of the biggest problems women face is this – what will I do if I need to pee? For how long can I hold back my pee? These questions are more troublesome than we realize, and even responsible for furthering disparity between the genders. After all, men don’t usually have to face any of these questions; they can just stand and take a leak behind a bush on the highway!

The Horror of the Indian Public Toilet

One solution to peeing on-the-go is to use a public toilet. But ask any Indian woman and she’ll have very complimentary terms to describe these toilets! For starters, public toilets are still few and far between in several places in India. And if they are available, they are hardly sanitary. It can take excruciating will of power to pee in the dirty public toilets where germs seem to be as dense as fog! In fact, not only public toilets but toilets at restaurants, malls, railway stations, fuel stations, airports and in outdoor events are seldom clean.

Doctors do not recommend holding back your pee for prolonged intervals as it can expose your body to harmful toxins. However, getting exposed to toilet germs is one of the main urine infection causes. This leaves many women with the painful choice – either stay at home or risk contracting infections from public toilets.

These problems are felt most acutely by women in the following situations:

  • Pregnancy, during which women need to pee more often but are also more susceptible to infection
  • Postpartum, during which women must guard against infection and may also be recovering from body pain
  • Women suffering from arthritis or joint pain
  • During periods
  • Women with lowered immunity
  • Women suffering from, or at risk of, urinary tract infection
  • Elderly women

How PeeBuddy is Empowering Indian Women

The good news is that there now exists a solution for us to overcome the horror of using public toilets – PeeBuddy.

PeeBuddy, first launched by Deep Bajaj in 2014, is a female urination device that allows women to stand up and pee! Deep first had the idea when he was on a roadtrip with his wife and friends. While the men had no problem urinating whenever required, the women had to hold, cringe, squat and wobble! He then decided to start working on a solution that would enable women to pee while on-the-go, without having to worry about unhygienic conditions or other toilet problems.

With PeeBuddy, no matter how dirty the toilet is, you’ll have no fear of contracting an infection or having to clean a dirty toilet seat. PeeBuddy also greatly benefits women with joint pain or difficulty in bending over.


So, Can I Really Stand & Pee Then?

Yes! It is indeed thrilling that a simple urination device can free women of this age-old problem associated with travelling and being outdoors. We have answered below some questions you may have in mind about using this product.

Can women pee standing up? Isn’t it unnatural and uncomfortable?
Peebuddy team claims to have sold over 500,000 units. We checked with several women who have been using the product. Their verdict is that it is a little odd at first but quickly becomes easy. Our mommy blogger Vaishali, who was recommended this product by a friend, says, “Today, after having used it for over a period of time, I can truly vouch for it: PeeBuddy! I mean, it did feel a bit strange to be standing and peeing at first, but one does get used to it after a point of time.”

Watch: Fellow women share their experiences of using PeeBuddy!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THfbyn5ETME]

What kind of women does PeeBuddy benefit? Do I really need it?
This device is very useful for any woman who needs to be on-the-go for any amount of time. If you are on a picnic with your family, on a roadtrip with your in-laws, running a marathon, or even simply out with your friends, you should carry this device with you. In fact, it is handy even if you are going to a mall, hotel or restaurant since many of these places have unclean toilets. Also, if you are a mom-to-be, have recently delivered, or struggle with joint pain, then standing and peeing can be comfortable for you.

How do I use PeeBuddy?
The device is extremely simple to use. It is funnel shaped and can be placed between the legs to pass urine.

Is it safe to use this product? What if there are side effects?
PeeBuddy is made of coated paper that is perfectly safe to use and carry in your purse. It is a simple use-and-throw device that has no side effects whatsoever.

What do doctors say about standing and peeing?
The PeeBuddy team has conducted extensive research while designing the product, and it is today recommended by leading doctors and gynaecologists. In fact, they especially recommend it for pregnant women, women battling UTI, and arthritic women.

How can I buy PeeBuddy?
The product is available in packs of 5, 10 and 20 priced at INR 120, INR 200 and INR 375. You can purchase it from the PeeBuddy official website as well as from some other online portals.

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