Why You Need More Sleep and 5 Ways to Get It!

Why You Need More Sleep – and How To Get It!

“Get at least 8 hours of sleep everyday.” Sounds too good to be true and something you’ve always heard but never practised? Well, with kids and your work screaming for attention, a roadmap for getting more sleep and tips for coping with sleep deprivation are a must-have in your kitty.

Whether it was rocking a cranky baby through the night or a rocking party that just wouldn’t get over, the morning-after is bound to be foggy-brained. You desperately want to lie in bed but playing hooky from your responsibilities isn’t something you can afford. That’s when you truly understand the meaning of what is sleep deprivation. After all, experts say that for every five sleepless nights, you need more than five nights to recompense!

Why You Need More Sleep Than You’re Getting

you’re a mom! You probably spend large sections of your day running after your tot, finishing up chores, running errands, and doing the 1001 tasks that make up a mom’s day. Sleep is the only way your body can recover and gather the essential rest to see you through the day. Ideally, you must get upto 8 hours of sleep a day, though this number varies according to age, body type and physical activity. However, most experts agree that a minimum of 6 hours is indisputable. But what if you end up facing sleep deprivation and still have to function like always?

Combating Sleep Deprivation Tips You Never Knew

1. Work with The Body Clock

Some days you might find yourself too bleary-eyed to continue. Check whether your desk clock matches your body clock. Napping after dark confuses the brain into thinking its sleep-time. So, when you wake from your quick catnap, you actually end up feeling more tired!

2. The Magical Figure

Everyone you’ve ever known has told you that unless you have completed eight hours of sleep, you will be coping with sleep deprivation the whole day long. Is that really true? According to experts, your body is used to its schedule of sleeping and waking up. Those extra few hours in the morning will not help you make a recovery from sleep deprivation. In fact, they’ll only make it harder for you to fall asleep at night!

why you need more sleep and how to get it

3. The Right Consumption

The prospect of a long day when you’re all wooly-headed can make you well up. But wait, try dealing with lack of sleep by eating right. Since your body has lost out on an opportunity to recharge itself naturally, you need instant energy boosts. Keep bananas and other high fiber fruits handy to munch any time you need a sugar spike! Don’t be tempted into picking up a granola or chocolate bar. The sugars might give you a high, but the subsequent crash will be grumpy.

4. Planning Your Power Nap

You just cannot think of skipping out on your post-lunch cuppa. Plan it so you can take a quick power nap right after. Experts have found that this combination is one of the best sleep deprivation solutions around. After being recharged by the nap, the brain will use the caffeine to remove all traces of adenosine, the sleep-inducing chemical.

5. Keep it Short

Power naps are most effective when completed in 10-20 minutes. Though you might be tempted to sleep for a little longer, resistance is a must! Anything longer than the prescribed time limit will only drag you deeper into the sleep world. You’ll wake up groggier and more disoriented than before you slept.

Finally, the day is over and you’ve managed to make it through thanks to the energy-boosters. You might be tempted to hit the sack early, but remember the body clock? Unless you want to have another day wondering how to make up for lack of sleep, wait for the clock to strike ten!

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