Why is Working Mom Different From Working Dad?

Why Working Moms and Working Dads Aren’t Alike!

One of the most distinctive differences between working mothers and working fathers is that a woman can seamlessly fit into a man’s shoes. Having said that, many dads are trying to fit into a woman’s shoes these days, but there is always that underlying difference that’s hard to bridge.

Working moms win the race when it comes to balancing work, parenting, and managing household – all together. The scenario can be quite different when it comes to working dads, though.

Why is a Working Mom Different From a Working Dad

1. Overwhelming sense of responsibility

Moms have an innate desire to do it all even when they complain on the surface. Even when the dual role of work inside and out takes its toll, she’ll still push herself onward to keep everyone happy. Fathers on the other hand, tend to take it easy. It comes from their laid back nature and the fact that they are secure in the knowledge that they can lean on their pillars of support (their wife, mothers).

2. Multitasking abilities

The next time a Terminator movie is made they should try naming the man of steel “Mom” instead of “Pops”! Moms have this extreme ability to multitask. She’ll get up in the morning, get the children ready, make the breakfast, even cook the lunch and then get herself ready to go to work. At work, she’s no less efficient. After work, she’s the same old octopus with eight outstretched arms. Try getting dad to do it for a week. Don’t be surprised if he lasts just a day.


3. The virtue of patience

Ever wondered why Patience is a girl’s name and not a boy’s? It’s a virtue that women have been blessed with. Patience at home, patience at work, patience with children, patience even with the husband who we all know can drive women crazy with their antics. Most dads want to help out with the kids and household chores too; it’s just that they lack patience. So while a woman will take pains in doing something, dads most often turn out to be a pain in the haphazard way they do things.

4. The notion that it’s a woman’s call of duty

Many working dads still have the old fashioned way of thinking that their job is to earn the bread while a woman’s job is to tend to the house even if she’s working. The change in times hasn’t brought about much of a change in their thoughts. Working moms, on the other hand, set about this call of duty complacently and that in itself is the most steadfast difference between working mothers and working fathers.

The good news is that more and more dads are realising the need to put the home and kids first. But multitasking moms really have the Midas touch in them and there’s no denying it!

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