Various benefits of raising kids in a joint family

Why Living in Joint Family is Best for your Child?

As a parent, you would always be searching for the best resources available for your child’s development and growth. However, sometimes we fail to notice that the best resources available are the people around us. There can be no one important in this world other than a family. If you are living in a joint family and have a kid, you should thank your stars. For, joint families are the best living examples for your child’s growth and development. Let us see how.

Indian movies portray a very rosy picture of love and affection displayed for each other in a joint family. Yes, it is the “Big Indian Joint Family” that attracts us to the movies and makes us fall in love with them all over again, every time we see them. Even though the pros fare higher than the cons, one must remember that, ‘compromise’ and ‘adjustment’ are the keywords, when living in a joint family.

Families, so far, play the most crucial role in a child’s development. They are the stepping stones for children to become social. They help the child to inculcate the right attitude towards the world around him. Nuclear families provide the flexibility to live our lives as we desire in today’s fast paced world. However, there always remains a sense of nostalgia, about living together, in a big house, with all our near and dear ones enjoying under one roof.

But there are other reasons why our heart goes out to joint families. The family is the basic building block of society, and during childhood it is our family which introduces us to the protocols of living in the society. This aspect will be enhanced if the family has lots of members.

Why Joint Family is Best for your Child?

1. Companionship

Kids raised in joint families grow up essentially among people who are in and around their own age group, and this never makes them feel alone. Children today, tend to land up in bad company, just because they long for a company. Joint families tend to fill this gap of companionship.

2. Makes Your Kid Prepared for The Big World Outside

In joint families, children don’t have to look beyond their home. While allowing for companionship, joint families also develop a culture for society, which prepares your child to face the big bad world. Living in a joint family will expose your child to different learning experiences of life.

3. Feeling of Respect

Respect is the most important trait that naturally develops when one lives in joint families. With lots of elders living around you, it is natural to develop a sense regard for those around you. This helps in gaining a real appreciation in society, as respect is something everyone longs for. Hence, your child will learn to respect individuals irrespective of one’s age.

4. Sharing of Happiness

The other important aspect of a joint family is sharing of happiness. It is said that happiness grows by sharing. Now who doesn’t like a nice family holiday? But wouldn’t it be great, if you had the big group of mates, to spend your family holidays with. As more is merrier, joint families multiply joys manifold and absorb bad times like sponge. Wouldn’t it feel great if you had this big lot of people to celebrate your victory in your school’s athletics? That’s the kind of joy a joint family may provide.

Sharing of happiness

5. Receiving Good Education

Receiving good education for the child is one of the major concerns for any parent. Other than school, a child needs extra attention for studies. Joint family tends to fulfill this need through engagement of the child with different family members.

6. The Art of Giving and Sharing

Nowadays, it is very difficult to spot a child sharing things with others. However, joint families help in inculcating the virtue of sharing and giving which is very important for the child’s overall personality growth. It also helps him in overcoming his feeling of possessiveness for things and people alike.

7. You Can Invest More Time on Your Kid

Time is one thing which all of us struggle with, while trying to pace up with the busy and hectic lifestyle. Joint families provide an extended hand, in sharing of responsibility which will help you in investing more time on your child.

Sadly, today, joint families are increasingly growing less in numbers. So if you get a chance, don’t shy away from gifting your child the joy of living in a big loving family.

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