Funny, Weird, Interesting Facts About Kissing

Why Kissing is More Powerful Than you Thought

As if we didn’t adore kissing enough already, there are health benefits to smooching that will leave you floored! We recommend you learn these interesting facts about kissing because bidding adieu to troubles is just a kiss away!

Did you think that the only benefit of kissing, apart from feeling so good, is the triggering of sexual desire? Well, kissing goes much beyond the carnal sphere and gives you perks you probably didn’t know existed.

Totally Fun Kissing Facts You Should Swear By

1. Kissing Releases The Love Hormone

You know that kissing is the ignition to sexual activity. But did you also know that kissing your partner can boost your relationship at a deeper level?When you lock lips with your husband, the hormone ‘oxytocin’ is released. This particular “love” hormone brings in intimacy into your relationship and helps you feel connected! Now, isn’t this a kissing fact to always keep in mind?

2. Bye-Bye, Stress!

Had a stressful day? How about taking your spouse to a corner and stealing a proper, intimate kiss? When you’re stressed, a hormone called cortisol is released in your body and this can be very harmful to your health. Some studies have shown that kissing helps lower this hormone, thereby reducing daily stressors. What’s more, when you kiss passionately, your heartbeat also accelerates. This is good for controlling high blood pressure – another stress-related problem. Doesn’t seem like just one of those funny kissing facts anymore, right?

3. Mom-to-be Kiss Often

Do you know one of the most popularly believed facts about kissing? Pregnant women should kiss more often. Feeling stumped? The reason behind this is that kissing releases happy hormones which keep an expecting mother cheerful. Kissing also helps in boosting a woman’s immunity towards cytomegalovirus – a harmful virus. So, if you’re pregnant, kiss daily and happily alleviate concerns of any birth defects in your baby.

Mom-to-be kiss often

4. Shoo Away The Cramps, Not Your Partner!

Headache? Menstrual cramps? Instead of popping a pill, spend some time cuddling and kissing with hubby. If you think it’s just a funny kissing fact, try it out and you will know the answer. A long session of intimate smooching can help in dilating your blood vessels, which in turn aids in reducing your aches and cramps. The next time you get a headache, instead of shooing your partner away, call him close to you and kiss!

5. Get Toned Cheeks

If you’re worried about drooping facial muscles and have tried muscle strengthening exercises in vain, there’s hope in kissing! According to some research, 30 muscles are used at the time of intimate kissing. If you kiss regularly, you’re bound to get tighter and better-toned cheeks. Wow!

Now that you know these random facts about kissing and how they can help you lead a healthy and more stress-free life, gear up. Cozy up with hubby, forget staying frazzled and hassled and kiss away!

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