Facts About Women Faking Orgasms

Why Faking an Orgasm is Completely Okay

Sometimes, romance is simply not enough to spark your sexual desire. The question of women faking orgasms is therefore valid and surprisingly, it can actually improve your sex life! Better still, it can create a stronger emotional bond between the two of you.

Faking the big ‘O’? Maybe you don’t want to hurt your husband, or maybe you want to turn yourself on. Orgasms are the ultimate sensations, enough to make you feel euphoric. But for women, it’s not easy to always reach a climax and every so often, you may fake it. It doesn’t make you a liar; it just means you want to please your man and yourself at the same time.

Top Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms

1. You’re not in the mood

How many times have you felt like saying this? Of course, you won’t mind a little bit of cuddling, hugging and sleeping in his arms, but the act of sex may not always be appealing. This is when women consider faking orgasms. After all, keeping your husband’s interests in mind is also important just like he keeps yours! Anticipate his desires like you want him to anticipate your emotions. It may just get you in the mood.

2. You want to turn yourself on

Moaning and fantasising can actually lead to the real thing. If you’re ‘doing it’, try to get yourself turned on. A little foreplay and shutting out unwanted thoughts from your mind can give you a real orgasm or at least arouse you enough to enjoy making love. If faking an orgasm can excite your man, then seeing him so passionate can make you feel excited as well.

Top Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms

3. You don’t want to hurt your man

This is another reason why women fake orgasms; they hate the look of disappointment on their husband’s face. The good news is that faking a climax can actually spice up your bedroom chemistry. It’s also a secret way to keep your man interested in you. A little seductive moaning will help him feel confident in his lovemaking abilities and that could in turn arouse you. Wow!

4. To give him direction

Sometimes you prefer faking an orgasm rather than coming up with an explanation why you’re not climaxing. Besides, faking it can be a way to give him directions. For instance, maybe you like the way he kisses you while making love and there are other things you don’t like. Instead of telling him outright, you can steer him where you want to.

5. To communicate

Good communication is the key to making a relationship last. Why do women fake orgasms then instead of just talking it over? The fact is, and you know it already, men and women are biologically different. It may be hard for you to climax if you’re too stressed out, for instance. Faking a climax can be a good way to feel sexually and emotionally connected to your husband.

There are many reasons, myths and facts about women faking orgasms. But contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing negative about it. It’s just a way of turning yourself on and trying to communicate with your man. After all, faking it may often be a quick way to make it real!

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