Why Does Your Baby Stare at Your Hands?

Why Does Your Baby Stare at Your Hands?

Does your dear little one stare at your hands? Are you wondering why your baby gazes at your hands and his crib toys? Is this behavior normal? If you are stressing over this habit, then you need not worry any more. Visual development begins very early and staring at hands is only a part of this.

Here we list some reasons and facts that explain why your baby stares at your hands.

1. Baby Has Blurry Vision In His First Week

In the first week after birth, your newborn is only able to view objects that are present at a distance of about 8 to 12 inches from his eyes. This is about the distance from baby’s face to your face and hands. Also, your infant has a blurry view of things in the first week. So, your baby holds his gaze for a few seconds at your hands when they are at 8-12 inches from his face.

2. Baby Experiences Transformation From Black and White To Colourful Vision

Your newborn views objects and surroundings only in black and white colours and some shades of grey soon after his birth. As your baby grows, his vision develops into colour vision. Your baby finds various contrasting colours and different geometric patterns completely new to view so he stares at them. Your baby may develop good colour vision by four months and you can find him staring at your hands and various other colourful objects in his surroundings.

3. Baby Is Widening His Visual Sphere

As your infant grows 2 to 3-months-old and more, his vision and brain develops significantly thus offering him a broader visual sphere. At this stage, your little one develops stronger eye muscles than before. This helps him look for the details of any object that comes in front of him. So, when you bring your hands in front of your infant’s face, your baby will stare at them, taking in the details, such as your hand and finger movements. You will also find your little one gazing at his own hands

4. Baby Is Now Recognising Things

By the time your baby turns 3 to 6 months old, he begins recognizing familiar faces and toys that he sees regularly. Even if your baby cannot call to you at this age, your face, hands, and toys that he sees regularly are familiar to him. So, when you bring your face or hands in front of his face, your baby finds it familiar and stares at it happily with a smiling face.

5. Baby Now Has Improved Depth Perception

When your infant turns 3 to 6 months old, his perception ability improves substantially and he can view objects and people located farther away (about three feet away). Your baby develops depth perception that helps him gaze at objects better. When you bring your face or hands in front of your baby’s face, he enjoys staring at you and your hands till you move away. This is because his gaze can now linger.

There! Now whenever you find your baby staring at your hands or his hands without shifting his gaze, be rest assured that it is absolutely normal!

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