Key Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories to Children

Why Bedtime Stories are More Important Than You Think

Between cuddling with the kiddies and reading them their favourite fairytales, did you ever stop to think why it is important to read to children? Bedtime stories are food for the soul. It’s necessary to make them a routine if you want your child to grow in spirit and mind.

There are numerous upsides attached to bedtime stories. This activity helps you bond with your kids after a long day at work, feeds their imagination and makes their brain fertile. It’s an important aspect of growing up and one that no child should miss out on. Here’s why:

The Numerous Benefits of Reading to Children

1. Time to reconnect

There’s no better time than bedtime to bond and reconnect with your kids over a fairy-tale or two. It’s probably the only time you and your child get to do something interesting together. More importantly, you get to see inside her mind by the comments she makes and the impressions she forms about the plot, characters etc.

2. Time for relaxation

Every child needs some kind of ‘time-off’ from sibling fights and scoldings, playgroup activities and homework. Bedtime stories relax their minds allowing them to momentarily escape into a fantasy world away from their kiddy woes.

3. Cultivate the habit of reading

It’s unfortunate that books don’t attract children much these days, thanks to a bevy of electronic gadgets. Reading to your child is the first step towards cultivating the habit in them. If you make it an everyday routine your child will look forward to it. It will increase her love for reading and will surely give her an edge at school.

4. Expands vocabulary and attention span

Reading out loud to children holds their attention more than if you were to leave them to their devices. It improves their language and vocabulary manifold. If they’re not sure of a certain pronunciation or meaning of a word, you will be there to answer questions. Since bedtime stories stay with children for a long time, so will the words they have learnt.

5. Morally sound

Fables make for great stories with a moral at the end. They are fun, entertaining and teach lessons that are relevant to everyday life. Lessons on honesty and morality will certainly help them evolve morally.

6. Excites the imagination

Reading stories, especially without the aid of pictures, stimulates their imagination and thought processes. Likewise, reading stories with colorful pictures helps to encourage their creative and artistic abilities.

7. Fills the void which technology can’t

TV, computers, video games and other such entertainment will only hold their attention for so long. Books on the other hand, don’t require electricity or batteries to keep them going. Bedtime stories provide a gratifying and lifelong enriching experience. It gets them hooked onto books, which are a never-ending source of entertainment. Plus bedtime stories for kids are a great way to get them to sleep.

We hope you can now understand why stories are important for children. Just half an hour of storytelling time at night is essential for their future success at school, work, and life. Stories help them relate better to life’s big and small issues. Above all, it’s your chance to win your child’s heart just like the fairy-tale characters in the stories always do.

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