Benefits of Eating Healthy Food Instead of Junk Food

Why A Diet May Not Be Your Cup of Tea

Dieting and eating healthy are two different things altogether. There are many reasons you shouldn’t diet and why diets fail in the first place. So forget your crash diet plans and boost your overall health by eating healthy instead!

Before dieting hard to lose those kilos, understand the difference between eating healthy and sticking to rigid food plans. Diets force you to leave out a lot more than the bad things you’ve been left drooling over. They can be boring too. On the other hand, healthy eating comprises a plan that includes all the right foods and in the right quantity. It helps keep your weight in check and you, in the primmest of health.

Reasons Not to Diet But Switch to Eating Healthy

1. It’s Not a Permanent Solution

A diet is seldom followed for life and is just a passing fad. Most times, you adopt them when you need to lose weight on the double. Be it cabbage soup diets, juice fasts, or high protein supplement diets, they always start with a bang only to end in a whimper. In order to see better and long term effects, it’s a much better idea to plan meals carefully and include foods that keep you healthy and trim—permanently.

2. Your Weighing Scale Tips The Wrong Way when You Leave Your Diet

Another reason diets fail is because once you leave them, your weight climbs back quickly, sometimes increasing to more than what you started off with. Strict diets initially make you feel happy as you see the kilos drop, but they all come bouncing back when you get tired of being on one. Fearing another starvation period, your system also starts stacking up more calories, making you gain even more weight if you aren’t careful.

Your weighing scale tips the wrong way when you leave your diet

3. Diets Make You Feel Deprived

You must have seen many articles and case studies about why we should eat healthy food instead of junk food and why we should ditch diets. Diets leave you feeling deprived and full of hunger pangs. You start missing tasty and filling food and wish you could just eat more. This can also lead to binge eating, which will undo your efforts immediately!

4. Benefits of Eating Healthy Foods

Healthy eating habits may take time to set in, but they soon become an integral part of your life. Eating healthy is the right way to go if you want to remain fit for the rest of your life. The art of portioning, exploring low-carb food, dividing calorie intakes across the day, and eating the right food at the right time, are all healthy eating habits that everyone can imbibe.

So, why not to diet? As you saw, most diets can be immensely limiting in terms of nutrient intakes. Strict food plans can result in acute deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, fibre and other valuable nutrients that your system needs. In comparison, a well-balanced plan with the right quantities of whole grains, fresh fruits/vegetables, dairy, carbohydrates, and lean protein provides your body with everything it requires. Today, say no to eating fads that don’t work. Switch to a long-term eating plan that gives you what you need, and exercise regularly – you’ll soon see results!

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