Which Celebrity Mom’s Personality is the Same As Yours? Your Zodiac Sign Has the Answers!

Which Celebrity Mom’s Personality is the Same As Yours? Your Zodiac Sign Has the Answers!

So, the stars aligned in a particular way, and you were born on that particular day, at that particular moment – and now everything about you is pre-decided? Well, not exactly. But many people find that at least 60% of these things are true (and when they are not, they are fun nonetheless!) Here is what astrology has to say about you as a mother!

Astrology is the science or art of divination based on the alignment of the stars and constellations in our sky.Astrology can give us unique insights into who and how we are. While all of these are not always true, a learned astrologist will always ask you to recheck your kundali if you challenge what he is ‘divining’ about you based on it! There may have been an error in the plotting of the kundali, but there cannot be an error in reading one!

Jokes apart – while you may not believe in astrology very deeply, it sure is fun to know what the stars have to say about you.

Here’s What Your Sun-Sign Says About Your Parenting Style

If the stars can affect every single aspect of your life – from career, to finances, to marriage – they must no doubt have some effect on you as a parent too, right?

Here is what your parent astrology told us about you as a mommy!

1. Aquarius Mommies (January 20 – February 18)

Bollywood Mommies: Tina Munim, Waheeda Rehman

The Good – they have originality and quirks that make them cool
The Bad – they cannot reinforce boundaries!

One of the first things that gets an Aquarius noticed is how unique they are, and Aquarius moms will be popular for being quirky.Other kids will envy the children of an Aquarius mom because she seems to allow them to do different things and be their own person – qualities she greatly admires and holds dear.However, this very thing might make it difficult for her to be able to lay ground rules or set boundaries – the reign might be too ‘free’ at times.

2. Pisces Mommies (February 19 – March 20)

Bollywood Mommies: Fareeda Jalal

The Good – they are sensitive, caring, understanding, and compassionate
The Bad – they can’t keep it real!

Pisceans are known for being idealistic. They romanticise life. Piscean moms, hence, will be the typical goody, caring, sensitive, understanding mom that Bollywood is full of.She will believe in only the best, and will always nurture her children’s creative sides. She will be the mom who will rather try and work with you to improve your grades than scold you over them.However, Piscean moms can get sometimes get a bit manipulative, working their magic to get their children to do what they want them to do!

3. Aries Mommies (March 21 – April 19)

Bollywood Mommies: Lara Dutta, Rani Mukherjee

The Good – they understand the importance of ‘me’ time for themselves and people around
The Bad – they can get mean and very competitive!

Two words define an Aries – strength and will. An Aries actually has what it takes to get whatever they set their hearts on. Aries moms love this about themselves, and will try to inculcate similar values in their children.They also love their independence, and understand the importance of ‘me’ time. Good luck getting an Aries to sacrifice her time to suit you! This makes them excellent at setting boundaries too.However, with all the strength and determination comes a fierce sense of competition too – which can prove to be damaging.

4. Taurus Mommies (April 20 – May 20)

Bollywood Mommies: Madhuri Dixit, Pooja Bedi

The Good – they remain rock-steady in tough situations
The Bad – they can be stubborn!

Taureans are able to keep their head cool and calm even in the biggest of turmoil. They have an inner innate gravity that keeps their feet solid on the ground no matter what.So come what may, a Taurean mom will always remain composed. However, this also makes her rather rigid and stubborn.A Taurus-mom is a stickler for rules, routine and will hence come across as inflexible. However, her gravity makes her the ideal mom – someone you can count on and rely on no matter how bad the storm.Oh and she will always enjoy all the indulgences of life (so maybe you can ask her for a new phone and she won’t say no!).

5. Gemini Mommies (May 21 – June 20)

Bollywood Mommies: Dimple Kapadia, Shilpa Shetty

The Good – they are suave and in-sync with the hot and happening, making them ‘cool’
The Bad – they can be mercurial at times!

Geminis are the curious cats of the Astro-world. Their inquisitive nature gives them a childlike quality that can be quite endearing, and indeed you might find Gemini mommies youthful. Quite possibly, she’ll be the popular mom at school that all the children love and seem to get effortlessly drawn to. Gemini moms, however, may find it difficult to control their emotions and can lose their stability once in a while.

6. Cancer Mommies (June 21 – July 22)

Bollywood Mommies: Karisma Kapoor

The Good – they are born nurturers and make great, caring moms
The Bad – they can go from angelic to batsh*t crazy in seconds!

You know the innate mother’s instinct that every mother is expected to be born with? Well, Cancer mommies truly are born with it.Motherhood and parenting comes naturally to them, and they ace it. They will always keep nothing but the best of their child’s interests in their minds and hearts.And this can make them fiercely overprotective at times. Their mood swings are another thing to beware of.

7. Leo Mommies (July 23 – August 22)

Bollywood Mommies: Genelia D’souza, Kajol

The Good – they are always game for anything, full of energy and enthusiasm
The Bad – they can escalate matters real fast, and may sometimes come off as selfish!

If there is one mom who is actually capable of matching their children’s energy levels and enthusiasm, it would be a Leo mom.A Leo mom will raise extremely functional children with the greatest of leadership skills. Taking decisions,establishing order comes naturally to a Leo, and these moms will teach their children how to do it as well.They also love to play and embark on new adventures! They can be perceived as selfish at times though. Beware of their love for being dramatic too!

8. Virgo Mommies (August 23 – September 23)

Bollywood Mommies: Asha Bhosle, Shabana Azmi

The Good – they have everything down to a science, and their house functions like clockwork
The Bad – they can be really rigid and inflexible due to their love for order!

If you want a ‘solution’ to a parenting problem, you turn to a Virgo mom – because she is not just a mom, she is a momcyclopedia!The house of a Virgo mom will never be out of order. You will find all things in their right place, and there will be harmony too.So maybe you can get away with a coming home late or not doing your homework if you can make your bed, cupboard, and study-table before she finds out!However, this love for organisation can make Virgo moms rather OCD-ish at times.

9. Libra Mommies (September 23 – October 22)

Bollywood Mommies: Hema Malini, Soha Ali Khan

The Good – they are patient and allow their children a free reign to make mistakes
The Bad – they may have trouble making rules!

A Libran can make for a real patient mother – she will keep on teaching you, and teaching you, and teaching you till you learn without once ever losing her cool or temper.So it goes without saying that she will allow you to make mistakes too. A Libran mom will ensure her children have a sense of their culture and learn to appreciate the finer things in life.However, children might find this mommy tough to wrap their heads around – because she will switch sides so often, you might never know where she stands!That old trick about asking your mom for something when she is in a good mood? – yeah, don’t try that on a Libran mommy. Results can be opposite of the expected!

10. Scorpio Mommies (October 23 – November 21)

Bollywood Mommies: Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai, Raveena Tandon

The Good – they can keep any size of a house or family in order and functional
The Bad – they can act like control-freaks!

Scorpio moms believe in ‘tough love’ and are masters of the house. Everything, and everyone, should follow their orders, and acknowledge their voice and say as the final one in the house.A Scorpio mom will never allow herself to be taken advantage of. However, scorpions don’t need to make a big fuss to command this kind of attention – something about their personalities, and their presence, gets them just the attention they need without them having to ask for it.Children may feel smothered as Scorpion moms tend to be control freaks – but you can be assured they will raise the best of kids with the best of values owing to their strict demeanour.

11. Sagittarius Mommies (November 22 – December 21)

Bollywood Mommies: Konkona Sen Sharma

The Good – they will always welcome – in fact, invite – new experiences
The Bad – they can get very impatient!

As per parenting astrology, Sagittarius moms are the ones who will always encourage their children to try new things.A Sagittarian loves nothing more than a new adventure, and they look at motherhood as a journey too. Do not be surprised if you come back from school vacations and hear the Sagi-mom’s child telling everyone how they spent their holidays learning how to scuba-dive and want to take it up as a career!They have a wisdom that is unconventional. However this desire for exploring something new all the time can make patience a virtue that she lacks.

12. Capricorn Mommies (December 22 – January 19)

Bollywood Mommies: Sonali Bendre, Twinkle Khanna

The Good – they are reliable and keep the family grounded and together
The Bad – they find it difficult to take a chill pill and not be so serious all the time!

Capricorns are the ‘doer’s of the world, and so are Capricorn mommies. If a leaking tap in the house needs to be fixed,chances are a Capricorn mom will just get down on her knees and get down to it if the plumber takes too long to arrive! This makes her a wonderful problem-solver.She is not one to sit back and cry, or allow her children to. She believes in skills, work, and she will keep marching on with whatever resources she has.This resilience of a Capricorn mommy can get overbearing at times for her children – but it will soon prove to be an important life-skill they pick up.A Capricorn mommy will very easily win respect and reverence of her children, without even trying to. This however, makes her a very serious person at times – who will always be too busy trying to make things work, to just enjoy the moment or make light of a situation!

So, what do the stars say about the kind of mommy you are? Do tell!

We can say one thing right now though – no matter what your mommy nuances might be, you sure are a stellar mom doing her very best for her little darling. Aren’t we right? 🙂

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