5 Simple Ways to Get your Lost Mojo Back

When You’re Feeling Down, These 5 Things Will Keep You Going!

Embarking on a journey in your new role as a mom is incredibly exciting. But what if stagnation strikes and challenges your identity as a woman and as a mother? Learn how to welcome change in your life that casts a spell in getting your mojo back.

Motherhood isn’t just a life-changing event, but it also brings challenges that are always ready to knock you down. What’s important is that you find the strength to bounce back and learn to deal with the ups and downs. Welcome this transition of becoming a mother with a positive attitude and perseverance. Bring the mojo back into your life and rejuvenate your spirit!

Tips to Get Your Mojo Back

If you feel stressed out, depressed, lethargic, irritated, or just plain depleted, you may have lost your mojo. If you’re wondering just what mojo is, it’s that spark or that spell that keeps your spirits up and your mind balanced. When it goes out of whack, you need to make a conscious effort to pick yourself up, rediscover your mojo and enjoy being a mother.

1. Let Go of The Word ‘Stress’

Stress can suck the mojo out of even the most confident and cheerful mom. The first item on your agenda is to make sure you address what’s stressing you out no matter how minor it may be. Always try to give yourself some ‘me time’ and zone in on the source of your irritation or anxiety. You’ll discover it’s easier to find a solution and lighten your load. Discuss your problems with your family and your partner too. You don’t and shouldn’t have to go through this alone.

2. Show Love Towards Your Body

Start taking care of yourself and make the very best of what you have. Hate all that pregnancy weight that’s just taking eons to get rid of? Don’t be in a hurry to shed it all but take small steps at a time. Just a haircut, a hint of make-up and gorgeous attire can make you feel better. Each day, remind yourself to be happy about yourself and what you’ve achieved. Mojo-inspiring and mood-boosting food can also do wonders for your mind.

3. Do Some ‘Why Time’

Everyone has a list of things that they’d like to do and moms are no different. No matter how weird yours are, make a things-to-do list and take a moment to think about why you want to do them. You can start with simple and enjoyable tasks maybe just by yourself or with your little one. The more you can tick off your list, the easier it’ll be to get your mojo back..

Tips to Get Your Mojo Back

4. Take a Risk!

Do you feel like there’s no more adventure in your life? No doubt, your baby brings you endless joy, but if you crave doing something really out there, then it’s time to bring back some adventure into your life. Do something you’ve always wanted to, even if it’s out of character. Go underwater diving, bungee jumping and zip lining. However, you can scale it down if that all seems a bit much. Enjoying a jungle safari with your little toddler or booking a spontaneous weekend trip and having some girly time with your daughter can also help get your mojo back.

5. Meditate

You don’t need to go the whole mile and book yourself into a month-long yoga camp. You can, however, make some time every day to just sit and release your thoughts. If you’re like most moms with a brood that won’t leave you alone long enough to catch a breather, you can meditate for 10 to 15 minutes every day once you tuck them into bed. If you have trouble concentrating, light a candle and focus on the flame. Don’t block out thoughts; just let them flow and release them.

Without change life becomes monotonous and frustration sets in. Now that you’re a mom, your priorities will alter and life will take a different turn. Welcome this change! Change your thoughts, your attitude and the pattern of your will eventually change. Redirect negative energy and use it as fodder to do something constructive and get ready for all the surprises that destiny has in store for you.

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