Washing Machine Cleaning Tips to Remove Smell

When your Washing Machine Needs a Washing

Looking for front-loading washing machine cleaning tips to make your appliance sparkle and perform better than before? Look at our suggestions to keep your front-loader clean and in top condition. In return get cleaner clothes too. Affordable and effective, these cleaning tips will make your washing machine live longer too!

More energy efficient and cost effective than top loaders, your front loading washing machine may harbour unpleasant smells and moulds. Along with keeping it clean and fresh, these eco-friendly methods don’t require bleach, cost just a few pennies, and make you use ingredients that you’ll possibly have in your storeroom.

How to Clean the Washing Machine Tub to the Filter

Cleaning Agents for Your Washing Machine

Want to know one of the best washing machine cleaning tips? Add 1/4 cup baking soda to 1/4 cup of water, mix well in a small bowl. The resultant paste serves as a mild detergent for your washing machine’s cleanup process. Then, pour 2 cups full of white vinegar into a measuring cup before heading towards your washing machine. The baking soda mixture is to be added to the detergent container of the appliance while the vinegar has to be poured directly into the drum. Use the hottest water setting and keep you washer on ‘normal load’ before running the same.

Removing Residues and Mould

While the vinegar and baking soda act on most available mineral deposits and mould growths, they fail to wipe off the last traces of more stubborn residues. For removing such spots of mould growth, especially in the far-to-reach corners of the machine, you have to use a clean scrubber for cleaning all affected parts to perfection. Wipe clean after rinse-offs with fresh water.

Cleaning the Exteriors of Your Washing Machine

Well, now that you’ve figured cleaning the machine tub, wouldn’t you like to know how to clean your washing machine from the outside too? That’s easy. Use a mild detergent solution and a soft cloth for the task. Rub gently over all areas of the machine. Wipe dry with a lint-free cloth. You may use white vinegar for handling the tough-to-remove stains, if any.

Cleaning Washing Machine Drain Pipe for Free Flows

Residues and other deposits may clog your drain pipe and stop water from flowing out of the machine. To prevent this, detach the drain tube and ensure that it’s clear. One of the easiest ways of checking for any unwanted clogs is by blowing air through the same. For gaining best results, wash the drain pipe with running water and a mild detergent, every few weeks.

Get Added Performance By Cleaning Washing Machine Filter

Your front loader’s drain pump filter should be also checked and cleaned out regularly. Well, this is the area where all pocket leftovers end up depositing themselves when a load gets over. Go through the instructions given in your washing machine manual to understand the right ways of keeping the filter clean and free from all clogs–it’s important!

Once done, you can heave a sigh of relief and look forward to cleaner laundry sessions. Squeaky clean and fresh, your washer is ready to handle many more loads and for a longer time too!

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