When Your Baby Refuses to Sleep in the Crib

When Your Baby Refuses to Sleep in the Crib

Your little one is the apple of your eye and gives you ultimate joy in life. However your baby can keep you on your toes all the time leaving you drained out and completely exhausted. All you would want is that your little one cuddles nicely and settles down in the crib. To your surprise, the naughty fellow might throw up a lot of tantrums. The tantrum is to refuse sleeping in the crib. Imagine the moment when you just lay your baby in the crib and ensure all the comfort but what follows is the baby’s “waaaaaa…waaaaaa”!

Why Does Your Baby’s Refuse The Crib?

Your little one’s refusal will surely have some hidden reasons. Researchers have found a few. Here are some of the reasons why your baby may be throwing tantrums:

1. Fear

The fear of the new space can really take your little one down. It is plainly because your baby is not used to it. In the initial months, your baby has got used to sleeping beside you. During that time the little one developed a sense of comfort around you and any change in it can make your baby difficult to adapt. The reaction is quite natural.

2. Training Gap

Your bundle of joy will need training in every basic thing of life. Yes, the baby requires training to sleep too! Falling asleep has to be taught and its ignorance can be a major reason behind the above discomfort.

3. YOU Can be The Reason

Your fear can add to the baby’s refusal. How? Here’s the answer: You would often miss your baby by your side. This will make you keep a constant check on your baby in the crib. The constant check would definitely be in the form of touch, which might disturb your baby. The little one may take it as the space fault and hence the refusal to sleep in the crib alone.

Tricks to Get Your Baby to Sleep in The Crib

So, what can be done to turn the hatred into love? The following hacks might help:

1. Be Creative

Switch on your creative side. Make the crib attractive and let the little one be amazed. Drop some favorite toys and colour the surroundings with something fascinating. The glitter and glamour may bind your bundle of joy to the crib for a long time.

2. Confusion

Let your baby doze in your arms or in the swing. Soon after, transfer your baby to the crib ensuring the same level of comfort. If possible, the same looking blanket and pillows around. Your little one will have no idea about the size of the place. It is like confusing the little one for fun!

3. Fill The Space

A bigger space in the crib can often scare your little one. A broken sleep might send out a flare of worry and can be serious. Nothing much to worry. Here’s the solution: Fill the empty space with something really creative. How about a cool baby gym? Or, a cute teddy?

Your bundle of joy is a power pack of surprises. Take time to find out more about his behaviour and we bet you’ll crack the solution very soon!

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